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  1. This is such a retarded movie,
    Its such a bad portrayal of mushrooms ):
  2. well they're eating deathcaps or panthercaps(very toxic deadly), and not our delicious nontoxic muckies we all know and love.
  3. did you really expect a horror movie called shrooms to portray them accurately?
  4. This is all bullshit, you got a movie with no real good actors in it. It all sucked especially the guy with the accent.

    And the girl ends up killing them all because she was on shrooms. I bet this is some hidden government movie to signal to people dont do shrooms, they will make you insane.

    Cant stand shit like this. All this movie is about is a good trip turned into bad, first he was talking to a cow, then someone was chasing them. Then the girl killed her friends. End of movie.

    This is the type of movie, you get high then watch, just to laugh at the idiotic stupidness.

    ^^ Yes, Idiotic Stupidness is MY new phrase
  5. I liked the concept but the storyline was wack, there wasn't any 'race against time' and the suspense wasn't all that. When i got this film i couldn't wait to watch it.. i was disappointed to be honest. It would probably be a lot more intense if you actually watched it ON shrooms, hah i don't even want to imagine it. Contrary to what others thought though, it actually makes me want to try shrooms.
  6. I liked the horror story of it, it was not to bad besides the fact that they totally made shrooms look insane. Like pcp binge insane.

    But I was high when I watched so .
  7. i watched this afew months ago,
    Total Crap.
  8. I liked it.

    I actually made a thread saying it's good.

  9. Dude...she tripped the second she put it in her mouth...
  10. Lol i realise that the trips were unreal and stuff. But i did honestly enjoy the movie.

  11. Yea like I said in my first post in this thread, the shroom aspect made it so so. But as a horror film it is very unique and I also enjoyed it.
  12. I turned the movie off when i saw the two savage guys in the beggining with the double bladed axe, being as i was stoned out of my mind and it was NOT sending out good vibes.

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