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  1. to eat or not to eat?
    as in eat food

    i have had a pretty empty stomach all day

    also its my first time, half a slice i hope thats enough

    if any one with experience could give some feedback doing it in like an hour
  2. dont eat before... unless like a little chicken since thats light.
  3. ive eaten before and after, although never directly before. didnt see a difference myself. id say eat before, but dont eat heavy. you wont want to eat when your shrooming, but if your hungry, food tastes amazing.
  4. I usually break em' up and put it in a peanut butter sandwich then eat it... yumm. no bad taste.
  5. I have never experienced a bad taste from mushrooms (dry) the taste reminded me of pistachios (sp.?).

    So did you take them last night? or are you still holding onto them?
  6. I put em ontop of a pizza and u cant even taste it
  7. thanks guys, yeah i kept and empty stomach and i took them last night and smoked a joint, it was awesome
  8. Eat them on an empty stomach if you can. That's when i tripped the hardest, about half hour after waking up.
  9. Shrooms are amazing man, best drug ive done so far.
  10. yeah i really wanna make shroom tea apparently its outrageous
  11. dont be a pussy, eat those shits.

  12. Uh he did eat "those shits".

    Anyways OP do ya like feel like giving us a trip report? or are ya feelin lazy these days? ( I really like reading about people seeing monkeys riding elephants while tripping and the like, its just really funny)

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