Shrooms without sitter First time

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by CT Burnin, May 29, 2009.

  1. Okay Il do that then I only took a few hits in a bowl since I took them so Ill just wait I was mainly packing it Haha Do you think in another hour I hsould be peaking
  2. Yeah.

    Im in for such a nod, snorted another 6mg of these hydromoprphones, already on 6 from earlier. Smoked a huge joint too.
  3. Well See Haha You tell me when Im allowed to smoke Haha Cuz Im just gonns smoke and smoke Haha My room is dark except my laptop and tv and clock Do I need a lamp or two on?
  4. I like dark on shrooms, but light is cool too. Just do what you like it doesnt matter.
    Got AIM?
  5. I suggest emptying your pockets so you dont check them every 5 seconds
  6. I am starting to peak My green cement walls turn into egyptiN LOOKIN ENGRAVINGS MY INCENTS MOKE TWISTing and forming aounrfd my tv I am playing xbox and in the game seem to be super fast I like thiss Your sigg is vvveerrry trippy
  7. nice. u should try it on a bright day outside bro. i did that shit in a thunderstorm once......i dont advise it.
  8. I think Ill take 4 grams next saturday with my cousin for her first time
  9. You can shroom for sure by your self, just think positive, relax, and think about shit. :) Have fun man, shrooms have a lot of power to them if you let them.
  10. Do it.

    Tomorrow night I'm to a concert where I'm blazing and doing Oxy. Then I'm going to camp out with my best friends and my girlfriend. We're all doing mushies, smoke lots of weed, we have some MDMA and I might buy more hydromorphones for then too. We're getting A fire going and staying up to watch the sunrise.

  11. I am deffintitly up there
  12. Wow What a crazy night
  13. Now it's time to sleep and wake up with an aching back
  14. Actually I have to go to work at 10:15 Hah This fucking sucks But If you want details Let me know

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