Shrooms without sitter First time

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by CT Burnin, May 29, 2009.

  1. I was thinking about just chilling in my room tonight and do them Not leave my room just relax in my bed smoke some bud and take them Would that be bad or alright I would only be taking like 2 grams

    I have about an ounce and a half so It doesnt really matter to me when I do or holding off
  2. Really depends on the quality exactly how potent those 2 grams are, but even then, I think that's a low enough dose that you won't be actin' too bizzare and not so overwhelmed that you can handle yourself.

    I'd so go for it, but that's because I've eaten so much fungus by myself.
  3. You'll be fine.

    I don't know, the concept of a sitter always seems like a good idea but to be completely honest if you're not really really close with that person then having them around for the whole trip while they stay completely sober is going to put a damper on your experience.
  4. you will be fine, do it
  5. 2 grams isnt much. try like 8 grams, and youll have a rlly good trip, thats what i did my first time and i wass trippin hard as hell, but i was functionable, and did not need a sitter
  6. dont do this.

  7. dont listen to him, youll be fine. shrooms don't make you unfunctionable, seriously i drove on 8.5grams i was fine, but still trippin like a motherfucker
  8. Worst advice ever.

  9. then those shrooms must have been weak as hell. 8+ grams of cubes should put you on the moon, and not really be functioning at all. and to drive on it? that's retarded.
    i'll say it again, if your eating 8g of shrooms and still can function and drive then your shroom suck, plain and simple.

    unless your talking 8g of fresh wet shrooms, which dried would equal less then a gram. that's more believable.

  10. you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about

    you obviously ate some of the shittiest least potent mushrooms known to man

    mushrooms are a ridiculous drug that are incredibly powerful. they must be respected. if not taken under the right set and setting you will be sent to mushroom hell---the scariest existing place i know of.

    eat 8.5 grams of at least half way decent mush and you will be unfunctionable (not even a word). answer the OP's question:

    As long as you are in the right place with the right mindset, you will be fine. 2 grams is an average dose, but depending on the potency of your mush it could be a medium intensity trip, or fucking insane (i've had mush that sent me to the moon on 2 grams).

    If things get difficult just remember that it's all in your head. and it will end

    happy tripping

  11. exactly. you schooled this man just a minute before me
  12. ive shroomed alot and never need a sitter.

    all you gotta do is keep your confusion down, and don't try to fight it...

    and remember you ate shrooms hahaha. The most i've done was 5gs of shroom dust (bought a QP and after they were all gone was left with that dust) and it was INTENSE. It was never so intense that I couldn't handle it or did anything crazy, me and my friend (who took like 1.4gs of actually shrooms) drove to a disc golf course 20min away down a freeway... We got there before we started to get hit really hard, but when we left I was FREAKING OUT in the car because my eyes were so dialated it looked like we were drifting from our lane to the next, but he never even bobbled the line lol

  13. lol no one schooled me, yes mushrooms are powerful and should be respected. But its not that hard to believe that i ate 8.5 grams of goldcaps, and was trippin nutsacks, and was still able to drive(drove about a mile total). You just gotta realize its just a trip, and its not permanent, you cant let the drug take control of you. It's actually pretty easy to keep a clear mellow mind on shrooms. Just turn off your phone so theres no way anyone can give you bad news, or else that could lead to some bad tiems : /
  14. So Im most likely just going to take them at 10 Any suggestions on how to take them the easiest or best?

  15. a big glass of OJ.

    they aren't too bad. i don't really mind the taste. kind of like dirt.
  16. 1/8 of boomers usually makes my legs, arms, body, etc, feel like a thousand pounds and make me consistently laughing, i dont know how you were able to drive on 8grams! :eek:

    but 2 grams will only cause light visuals and a body high
  17. Well I just want this to go good Do any of you suggest I take a little more at all? it being my first time and without a sitter I just want everything to work out and I have a good feeling it will :] Im good for any suggestions
  18. My first trip i think i had an eighth but i was with friends tripping aswell. I'm sure I would of been fine without them but i've heard people having bad trips and there minds go in a mix. If i were you i would take 2 grams and drink some OJ to potienate the boomers. Also, try not to eat dairy unless you want an upset stomach! I've thrown up before eating a gram of mushrooms with yogurt.
  19. Yeah I wont be Ill probably just do that then Should I just eat them quick and wash it down or try to cover the taste?
  20. What if I cut them into tiny peieces and like downed it like a pill with a drink would that work?

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