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  1. Anybody know where I can get some Shrooms online? I mean fully grown ready to consume Shrooms not growing kits and such.. Looking for a reliable source.

    On a sidenote, is there a better place to post this?
  2. No such website.
  3. Are you sure? I thought I saw something like this one time but it might have been that I was just really high.... oh well back the the stables then :mad:
  4. It's a class A drug in britain, that's like buying heroin with paypal lol. you'd need a dealer.
  5. You can buy Amanita Muscaria online from certain websites depending on where you are, I think they're still legal in the US. I wouldn't recommend them though, it's not exactly a pleasant experience
  6. You'll have a hard time finding one that sells psilocybes.
    Aminitas on the other hand,,,
  7. Amanitas can damage your body, and are unpleasant. Psilocybes are not.
  8. however spores are legal ;)
  9. psilocybe cubensis is no more toxic than the amanita muscaria
    in fact the amanitas commonly consumed are generally less potent than your standard shrooms

    of course there are over 600 different types of amanitas, including super doom toxic death kill "trip
    til your brain melts" ones

    but the amanitas they ship online are pretty good

    if you're going to order something online, get peyote

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