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  1. I've smoking for about 8 months with a 2 month break. I'm very moderate, about once a week, and more on occasions. I'm considering trying some new stuff, mainly salvia because there are practically no health concerns associated with it. I'm probably gonna that sometime soon, but before considering salvia I really wanted to do shrooms. I lost interest when someone told me that it swells your brain and makes it bleed or some shit. I don't want any physical harm on my brain, so I lost all desire to do it. Then, the thought of E came about and it really just sounds like a fun experience but I'm sure there's plenty of dangers that comes with it.

    Anyways, I just want to know if the shrooms rumor is true (and if any harsh damage occurs on shrooms), and although shrooms and e are very different, I'd still like to know which one is safer/funner/worth doing.
  2. Shrooms are an amazing experience for me at least. Never done X tho, never will. As far as I know shrooms have no bad side effects. The ony thing I would caution is just be happy to have the shrooms if you take them and cut off all contact with people who aren't on them (they just won't understand, not to mention it can completely ruin your trip and turn you paranoid). That's about as bad as it gets. The rumor of brain bleeding is shit. That doesn't happen. Amsterdam wouldn't legalize them if that were the case, if you think about it. Yea my vote is shrooms and be happy bottom line. Peace out homie
  3. Depending on the setting/enviornment and who your with/what your doing it all has to do with the situation at hand. If your planning on going out to a club or a party I would say pop some e pills with a few friends. IF you want to chill around the house get some friends who want to shroom get an eigth and a half, get at least one kid who doesnt want to shroom but is going to be chill to have around and isnt going to really fuck with you too much to come and make sure everything goes smooth. THen you can munch up some shrooms however you wish and chill around the house and tripp balls, maybe if its a good trip go do something like watch a movie. Personally I really like doing drugs, Ive shroomed 5 or 6 times and taken e twice, so im not really an expert. I would recomend trying both, because they are just worth experiencing for yourself. Read up on both, plenty of information on the internet, just make sure its from a reliable source. THen ultimatley decide what you want to do and just go for it. good luck and have fun.:smoking:
  4. I wouldn't be going to a club or a party. I'd most likely be chilling with a few friends at someone's house and maybe we'd go out to eat and hang around, but nothing too much.
  5. if i could get mollies, id go x over shrooms anyday. actually id still go rolls over shrooms. cool.
  6. if you and your friends are all choosing whether to roll or trip on shrooms, rolling definently. Im candyflipping on friday, ill write a report so you will have to check that out. If you get molly, which is pure mdma then you just gotta take it smart and not overheat, MDMA is a very safe substance, as well as shrooms. But i would say go for E definently!

  7. I like shrooms but taking shrooms is just straight up taking poison into your body think about it, how many mushrooms are poisonous? Before I had my first experience my friend took them and he had some pretty potent shrooms and for a week after that he just coughed up shroom shit everytime we smoked or anytime I was with him. I threw up a lot the day after I did them my first time but I also drank a lot of liqour. But straight up shrooms is just poison. Now thizz (what ecstasy is called down here in cali) is hella damage to your brain from what all the counselors and scientists say. If you do happen to get thizz, make sure it isnt some bunk ass kind. A lot of people put bleach in ecstasy when making it and that's what people take and fuck around and die. But if it was my first time and I had the choice, I'd probably do shrooms I feel like I'm getting more for my money. 25 for an eighth down here, and 25 for two triple stacks. Thizz is a real good high though and when I first did it, for like 3 days after everytime i smoked or drank it would feel like it would kick in again. Both are excellent either way in my opinion and now i'mma go smoke a cigarette k have fun, hope i helped atleast a little.
  8. yeah you helped.

    I know shrooms are poison to your body, which is also a reason I don't want to take them. But all drugs are technically damaging your body anyway.. E is more common over here than shrooms, and as of now, I don't even know who I'd get shrooms from, but I'm sure I can find some E.

    I wouldn't combine anything with shrooms if I'd do them, except maybe I'd toke near the end of the trip. Also, I don't want to be taking meth with E, and that I hear is pretty common.

    oh, and I live in the bay area too hahaha.
  9. why not try them both (not at the same time)
  10. I could, and probably will in the next few years but I don't feel like causing too much harm to my body. I wanna find out which one I'd do first too, if I decided to do both.​
  11. Shrooms shouldn't be poisonous man, they're one of the safest drugs you can take. Just know your source. Luckily, my source is a guy who grows a ton of them. When I went into his basement 4 months ago he had no space left to dry them. Rediculous.

  12. you know that effect you get? yea its a reaction to the poison in your body. they are relatively safe, say, as opposed to alchol, for the damage shrooms do to your liver is far surpassed by anyone who has ever shot a pint back in one night.
  13. Having done shrooms and E both for my first time recently, I can't really say which one I'd choose to do again. Shrooms were a trip, but E was alot of fun.

    Why are we arguing about this anyway if we both agree it is safe?
  15. get 2 of each. The first time, try both<nobr></nobr><nobr></nobr> seperately on different days.

    Then the second time you try them again, do both; drop the E before wait about 30 mins then consume shrooms... guaranteed best experience of your life.
  16. after reading up some more, I think I'm gonna do shrooms.

    they seem a lot more natural.
    but I'll probably do e someday, but I'd get pure mdma in fear of getting meth and random chemical shit in it.

    both at the same time sounds a bit extreme to me.

    thx for the suggestions.
  17. lets retract that guarantee mate.
  18. and why is that Mr. Corwin?

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