Shrooms or Acid

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  1. I recently had to stop smoking because of some personal reasons, but that isnt going to put me out of the stoner world. this summer ive dropped about 8 hits of acid and ive consumed an 1/8 of shrooms. I love acid, and i like it a lot more than shrooms, but i honestly dont think it is very good for you; just something about a chemical changing your brains thoughts doesnt sound right you know. Where shrooms is only food posioning. I'm going to be going to the river for the day and i'm not sure if i want to just trip for 5 hours of fun, or have a life changing 12 hour trip.
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    Shrooms are definitely more of a fun experience (for me). Do what you feel like. :D:D
  3. LSD > Mushrooms
  4. Acid by far. It's not bad for you in anyway, except the fact that you have a very small chance to get HPPD.
  5. i think you are misinformed that a mushroom trip is brought on by food poisoning. mushrooms contain psilocybin as well as psilocin which are the active ingredients responsible for the effects you experience. the structure of these chemicals is very similar to that of LSD which is why there are parallels between the experiences. if i'm not mistaken they are also fairly similar to mescaline and dmt.

    i think that shrooms out on the river sounds mushroom trips always go best in a natural setting. also, i've had great times just mixing the two:smoke:
  6. yeah but the way the two chemicals are absorbed are through your stomach right, and i think techniquling doctors classify it as a food posioning and pump your stomach, but thats a pointless argument, i got an 1/8 of shrooms and im hitting up the river tomoro
  7. No, shrooms do not poison you in anyway. Psilocybin and Psilocin are both psychoactive chemicals, not toxins.

    Most psychoactive chemicals cause distortion in thought and general consciousness, hence the name. This doesn't mean it is hurting you, your brain is just reacting to the foreign chemicals producing different activity than it is used to, thus causing distortion in cognitive function along with many other effects(confusion/heightening of the senses, hallucinations, etc.)

    I can't really tell you which to eat. They both have their perks. Either way, happy tripping! :wave:

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