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Shrooms or acid

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by username001, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. Im a 18 year old dude in highschool and want to try either shrooms or acid. Ive been doing some research about them but there seems to be ups and downs about both. Im looking for the safest trip that i would be able to try at an Umphreys Mcgee concert comming up on october 20th. They are a jam band and normaly i only see them drunk/high. I was leaning towards lsd because i didnt want to risk having a bad trip on shrooms, but could i also have a bad trip on acid? How bad are they both and how should i take them?Also wondering when i should take either one so that i could enjoy the concert from like 8-12:30 and be able to sleep at about 3am. basically i would want the trip to last not much longer than 2am so i would be able to crash by 3ish. Any advice from people that have tried them both or either one would be great. Stories of your trips, especially at concerts would be cool too. Thanks guys...
  2. shrooms are too much of a rollercoaster for me. your up then your down. ive had bad shroom trips. acid is crazy visuals and pretty enjoyable but can make people feel weird for a couple days after. it can also make your bones hurt. my femurs hurt the day after doing acid
  3. acid makes me trip fuckin sick and i have never done shrooms but would not recomend doing acid at a concert
  4. I\'ve done both acid and shrooms at concerts once each.

    Do lsd

    don\'t take too much, the loud music can get overwhelming; I got a headrush because my senses were overwhelmed and i fell over and got all self conscious about what people thought of me after i fell.

    but i\'d recomend lsd at a concert take it aroun630 or 7
  5. I dont know what kinda acid you guys are doing....but for a first time at a concert i would eat some shrooms.

    NOt much like 1-2 grams.... and it will be a great accent to a couple bowls.

    First time you trip...if you take to much you might freak...or it would all just go to fast becasue your vision has to does your brain.

    If you can get acid. get some b4, and start a half tab at a suck on it till it disolves...then wait an hour..maybe go up gradualy.

    then you will know how much you can handle.

    Some times places with lots of stimulation, will cut down on the visuals....
  6. if you want the safer trip, definately go with shrooms! you just never know what chemical crap you\'re getting with acid. it\'s more potent and trippy for sure, but a handful of shrooms is alot of low stress fun and you can cheaply grow shrooms yourself to be SURE what you\'re getting or even hunt for them for free if you know what you\'re doing.

    it took 7 of the 8 tabs i bought of acid for me to trip MILDLY the 1st time i did acid and just 2 hits the second time gave me a mildly bad trip. it wasn\'t strong or anything, but it left me restless.

    the one time i did shrooms though they tasted delicious and i had a blast walking home from a concert in the rain. it was a very mellow and happy buzz.

    one other possibility to look into is peyote. the problem is that the cactii take 2 years to mature and are extremely hard to find, especially if you aren\'t near a desert, but the trip is more potent than shrooming, but safer than acid and 100% organic.

    makers put all kinds of chemical shit in acid like strichnine and the recipe i saw for it in a book i bought included all kinds of toxic chemicals used in chrome plating etc.

    i\'m a firm believer that the best buzz is the one that\'s pure organic

    PS i\'ve known TWO different females that were given buds laced with chemicals and had really bad experiences and quit toking because of it.

  7. that was horrible acid.
  8. i agree with whoever said shrooms are a roller coaster for sure. the acid i had was like 190 micrograms of lsd per sugar cube so thats almost 2x potency of a normal hit, first time i did acid. i had done shrooms alot before acid and after i did acid i havent done shrooms again, dont know if its a subconscience keeping me from doing it cuz of my last trip on shrooms went bad, but im still willing to do them again, or at least i think i am. fuck im stoned what the fuck was the question again haha... oh yeah..

    do shrooms before you try acid. make sure you have alot of pot to smoke because its kinda like a grounding strap for ya (smoke pot when ur not tripping so when u smoke when u r tripping it reminds u that ur still good, if incase u freak out) and a safe enviroment that your comfortable with, i wouldnt do them for the first time at a concert, chances are you\'ll freak the fuck out. oh yeah and if shit starts going bad and u think ur havin a bad trip, just remember, you paid money to feel that way so enjoy it, go stare at a wall and listen to some music or something lol
  9. Shrooms for that concert. But make a note to do acid also, you\'ll like it if you like shrooms.
  10. ive done both shrooms and sid ALOT.
    don\'t know why you are limiting yourself to just one, or for that matter why you would want your first trip to be at a fucking concert.. i have no idea.
    but hey, its your ass if you fuck up, so drop acid. it\'s my favorite hallucinogen, but if you abuse it alot you\'ll notice you can feel your brain melting the day after.
  11. I would definitely recommend acid. Start off with just one hit. Only when you are certain that you can handle can you graduate to two. To me, shrooms are just pure insanity, that\'s why I prefer the cid, but lotta ppl like shrooms more. If you decide to try shrooms start off with 1.5 grams, and once you know you are ready you can graduate to 2, then 2.5, so on.
  12. im not sure, i enjoy them both...for a concert i might suggest acid, although my personal choice would be mushrooms because i dont like that i cant fall asleep after an acid they dont last as long
  13. dude, you dont know what youre talking about, stfu
  14. Seriously.

    I\'m thinking about neg repping you just for spreading lies.
  15. i used to love LSD, never really liked shrooms; as a combo, shrooms and acid were pretty fun though.
  16. lsd man its like watching life in hi-def and its an amazing high i had some of the head stash from mmy guy two weekends ago it was L 25 from a vile from tgeh 70\'s i ate 1 1/2 hits and was floored i woulda hada take like 4-5 hits of the normal heady shit we get but its w/e shrooms are too smudgy for me plus i like tha visuals after u smoke a blunt on the L
  17. hey, chill the fuck out fanboys!

    i don\'t fucking lie first of all, and anything you disagree with is an OPINION no more or less valid than yours. you need to check that attitude unless you want to get banned from here. trust me, i know from EXPERIENCE that copping such an attitude DOES get you banned... been there, done that at overgrow.

    i\'m not going to sink to your level here.

    if you think that LSD is made organically and not with chemicals, you haven\'t got a clue einstein! if you think that some batches of acid AREN\'T tainted or otherwise bad, you DEFINATELY don\'t know what the eff YOU\'RE talking about.

    try listening to old woodstock soundbites warning people about a particular bad batch of acid. sorry, i just don\'t trust anyone fucking around with chemicals getting into my brain especially after knowing two gals who smoked dosed weed and having really bad experiences. one was shermed at a party and the other with something at a concert.

    no way on earth i\'ll trust some amatuer chemist before i trust mother nature!

    get the fuck over yourself! nature kicks ass and that uppity mentality is exactly why the planet is slowly dying. if i like & trust nature, that\'s my damn business.


    FACT: ever since dropping acid twice, i STILL see some slight pattern breathing some 10 years later.

    if you call me a liar, then you are truly an idiot!

    i\'m not taking acid ever again.
  18. Acid is \"cleaner\" feeling to me, but I\'ve only done it a few times. If you do shrooms be careful an eighth is a strong trip that can turn south, start out with 2-2.5 grams. You\'ll get nice visuals and feel really euphoric but you won\'t be getting as much of a mindfuck as an eighth will give you. I\'d recommend acid overall but it\'s harder to find in most areas.
  19. Seriously you\'re wrong man. I\'m not trying to be a dick, I like you from what I\'ve read, but you\'re 100% wrong.

    Acid is active at dosages around 25 micrograms, with an average dose of 75-125 micrograms for a slightly mild trip, 100 micrograms being the average dose on one hit. That\'s 1 ten-thousandth of a gram. You can only fit about 1-1.5 mg of material on a .25x.25 piece of blotter paper, and that\'s if it\'s thick. Strychnine doesn\'t have any pharmacological effects until a dose of 1.1mg, and that\'s not fatal either.

    Also, just because the chemicals used to make LSD are very dangerous doesn\'t mean the chemical itself is! Seriously do some rudimentary research before you make claims like that. The \"chemicals used in chrome plating\" you mention are the solvents not the actual catalysts/reactants.

    The flashbacks you experience are psychological in nature. It seems like acid is more prone to causing them but they\'re actually quite rare statistically speaking. Acid is heavily water soluble and all metabolites and such are out of your system in 1-3 days tops. Yes acid can give you a bad trip . . . if you ask me mushrooms are more likely to do so.

    The \"don\'t eat the brown acid!!!\" stuff is bullshit. The truth is people spread rumors about different batches (\"oh the spiderman trips are really colorful but the bart simpsons are all in the head\"), which can radically influence the trip. If someone has a bad trip on a certain dose, and then tells you \"oh that acid gave me a bad trip\", you\'re going to be wayyy more prone to having one too. Psychedelics are more influenced by set and setting than any other drug, and this is how stuff like that happens.

    Acid also does virtually the same things to your brain that mushrooms do. They are both Serotonin agonists, nothing more nothing less. To be honest I think most of the perceived difference between them has to do with mental set more than any neuropharmacological differences. When people hear \"acid\" the name itself makes the expect a more \"chemical, harsh\" trip, while \"mushrooms\" sounds more mellow and friendly.

    Sources: (and the articles it links to);

    I did a lot of reasearch about acid before I tried it which went wayy beyond those two websites to the university library, reading case studies, etc. There have been three different studies of LSD users (two by staunchly anti-LSD government scientists) and they all found no increase in psychosis.

    LSD and Mushrooms can both cause severe psychological trauma if you have a bad trip, but luckily a bad trip of that degree is relatively rare, and either one can cause them. Don\'t shut down one of the most incredible substances in existence based on hearsay and anecdotal evidence. For me, it comes down to the fact that acid is much cheaper and lasts for almost two times as long as a mushroom trip does.

    Just one caveat: acid doesn\'t mix with weed, shrooms go great however. No clue why but weed+acid was horrible for me the one time I tried it, and most of my friends agree.

  20. Everytime I\'ve done acid I smoke weed. it just mellows me out and lets me slow down a bit to enjoy the trip more, never had any problems or conflicts with it.

    and acid>shrooms for the reasons stated in the post above.
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