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Shrooms last night(stories)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Qu33f, Mar 7, 2004.

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  1. first off let me say that I have a new respect for shrooms after last night, but now to the best part I ate about half an 1/8th but apparentally thats all it takes , cuz we were sitting down taking gravity\'s one min and the next the room was begenning to swallow everything, then my friends who also were trippin walked around with me(I was having the most intense trip ever) and they made sure I was on and we walked some back paths at night and it was like an outer body expierence I knew I was walking but I was like 3 feet away from my body or so I thought, I got so many visuals, I learned that I\'m closetrafobic( scared of smalll rooms cuz it freaked me the fuck out) also I couldn\'t fell my hands at all, I could put them down miles into my pockets, my friends stayed outside with me all night till I came down, and made sure I was cool and at about 5Am or so I puked them up cuz the trip was just far to intense,

    The crazyest night ever,
    and thanks to my homies for helping me have one of the best trips ever.

    Anyone else got any shroom stories
  2. YOU PUKED THEM UP :eek: wtf man what a waste.... glad u tripped balls of of an 1/16 th tho thats getten ur moneys worth

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