Shrooms by yourself?

Discussion in 'General' started by insanoweird, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. I picked up a half eighth of shrooms today, and I was it safe to do them by yourself? If I did, would I be able to get a decent trip on even half the bag? I don't want to get too bad if I'm by myself. I've never tripped before, so take that into consideration.

    Do you lose control like you hear about and do stupid shit that can get you killed? Is it really better to be with a sitter/other trippers when doing it?
  2. not your first time man, have a good friend chill with you and don't hesitate to let him or her know what you're feeling.

  3. I dont know man....ive never done them by myself so I cant really say. However, since its your first time I wouldnt recommend it. I dont think half an 8th will do that much damage, but if you start to have a bad trip you'll be all by yourself with nobody to bring you up.
  4. from someone who has done them alone once or twice.. you can get kind of paranoid.. like really paranoids sometimes.. I say don't do them alone until you've done with friends at least a few times.. shit could go down if your not careful.

  5. Ive done an eighth on Halloween once. I was the only one going to be home to give out candy, I figured Id eat some shroomies, have a few beers and enjoy all the sights and sounds -LOL- and did I ever! I was giving beers out to the dads, trippin out playin with the kids. lol, its was a blast. but well, so technically, I guess I wasnt alone. LOL.

    But if its your first time, Id get a buddy to grab a bag and eat some eighths together, the trip will be much more memorable and fun :)
  6. Don't do it alone. Shrooms can get very very emotional and it's good to have people there to talk to. Make sure you're with at least one close friend who you feel comfortable sharing yourself with.
  7. I've pretty much only ever tripped shrooms/acid alone. A few times with others but mostly alone. Things never got out of hand for me, but everyone is different.
  8. I am going to say you should do them with a friend, not some fool you only met once, make sure you know the person. And it is best if they have done them before, or if they're sober. I personally don't like tripping with people, but since it is your first time, my advice is don't do them alone.
  9. I did it myself alone the first time with an 8th. Aboslutly loved it and had no issues.
  10. I would say it's okay to do by yourself if you have already done it and known what it was like, but not for your first time.
  11. At first the tension is crazy... Just remember its just a drug and you are ok. Sometimes whenever I trip on shrooms I get a crazy feeling at first that everything is going to be fucked but then I remember its cool, I'm ok its just a drug... And it reminds me that everything is cool.. Word.:smoke:

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