Shrooms again - am i doing too much?

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  1. i've had great connects for shrooms, so ive been doing em a lot this year. Id say i've done em about 15 times since october-ish. I did em twice last week, and i think im going to do em again. I know i can go on erowid and look up all the health dangers and whatnot, but i like to hear first hand experiences from people. I dont feel like its a problem, but i guess im just curious, i wanna make sure im not doin anythin stupid. Its pretty nice out where i am, and i really wanna just shroom out, smoke some blunts, and take a walk to the beach. Also perhaps listen to Fungus Amongus cuz that shit just straight trips me out on shrooms!!! got me to the point where i was crying cuz i was laughing so hard, rolling on the floor, listenin to fungus amongus with the xbox visualizer on.... craaazzzy shit

    also, im doing acid for my first time next week, so i wanna make sure its not a bad idea to shroom a week before takin cid.

    thanks in advance for anyone who can give a worthwhile answer
  2. You'll be fine. Acid is way better.
  3. I would say your mind will tell you if you're doing them too much. I feel tolerance would be your biggest worry, the minimum is 4-5 days. Personally I'd go a week. Otherwise you just gotta up your dose!

    I've never done acid, but a week in between, and you should be good. 15 times since October? That's awesome, that's how much I should be doing them lol. Meaning, I had the ability to do them that many times, just didn't.
  4. Yeah Toker is right, you're body isn't going to show harm from doing mushrooms too much since there aren't really any physical downsides when it comes to them... But I do feel that your mind needs adequate time to comedown from a trip and to sort through everything from your last experience.

    You'd know if you were doing them too much because your mental state would feel run down and spacey. I'd say to back off them just a little bit if it were me. But then again I don't take mushrooms recreationally too many times so I treat it more as a spiritual experience, hence why I may only do them 5 or 6 times a year. 15 times since October is pushing it a little too much in my book.
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    I personally try and take long breaks between trips, a month atleast. You can tell the day after that they take a toll on yer noggin.

    I used to stock up and share with friends but never really ate EVERY LAST BIT of what id buy, throw shroom parties dude. Nothin like sittin out at a bon fire...with 30 or so kids all feelin the vibes. We live out in we get away with that shit.

    I havnt eaten any in....4-5 years....WOW its been so long!! safe with the shroom parties..gather everyones car keys and make sure no one goes home until come down, cuz id hate to feel responsible for any accidents of any kind that may take place when you have that many people around fryin
  6. i think that if you trip a week before taking acid for the first time will be fine, probably good if anything cause your mind probably wont be all cleared up yet, so a strong acid trip may not affect you so much
  7. ya bro you'll be fine,and hell ya r.i is the shit,narraganset beach is the best i go there all the time to drink beer and shit an look at the ocean.also down at the point,fuckin champlins has the best fucking clam cakes in the world,i miss r.i so much i just moved from south kingstown,what part you stay at?
  8. That is fucking crazy. I saw my avatar, and read the quote.
    I would have said that exact same thing had I read this thread earlier. I almost remembered myself typing that, as it is.

    Back to the thread, shroom it up!

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