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  1. I'm going on a cruise for spring break in March. I've never taken mushrooms before but i've always wanted to. I have a few questions:

    1. I've heard that you will have a better experience if you eat them on an empty stomach. But i've also heard they taste like shit, so I wanted to put them on a slice of pizza and eat them that way. Will that work? Or will the food dampen the effects of the shrooms?

    2. It's a 7 night cruise, and I want to trip more than once. I know that tolerance builds up, but if I take half an eighth the first time, then another half eighth the next day will I still trip? Should I take a full eighth the next time? In other words, how long should I wait in before trying it again after the first time?

    3. I never get seasick, especially because you don't really feel the ship move, but should I take a Dramamine with the shrooms just to be safe?

    4. Should I stay in my room and blaze/watch a movie/listen to music or will I be ok to wander around the ship?

    5. I'm pretty skinny (~140 lbs) and I have a wicked fast metabolism, so does that mean I should take a lesser dosage?

    Thanks for the help guys.
  2. Eating them on an empty stomach will just cause them to come on faster and give you more of a stomach ache. Nowadays I always eat a pretty hearty meal an hour or two before I shroom, because it makes the come-up way more enjoyable and because I know I won't be eating while I'm tripping.

    Don't take them two days in a row, it's a waste. Give it as much time in between as you can. By 3 days you probably won't notice much tolerance, if any.

    I doubt they'd exacerbate sea-sickness if you don't already get it.

    In my (pretty extensive) experience, most people get a bit anti-social on shrooms so more than likely you'll want to stay in. However, they affect everyone in entirely different ways so it's hard to say. Just do what feels right (within safe bounds obviously.)

    I'd recommend starting with half an 8th. Sometimes this won't be enough to get you where you want to be, if you don't have very potent gooms, but it'll definitely be noticeable in any case and it's always better to start small. A full 8th of good mushrooms for your first trip will knock you on your ass if you're a skinny guy, and it will be more intense than what you're looking to start out with so play it safe.
  3. Oh and I nearly forgot the most important advice I give to anyone before tripping for the first time:

    Do not judge your trip by the visuals. Everyone has the misconception that psychedelic drugs are all about visual hallucinations. In reality, this is often a minor part of the trip, especially with mushrooms. The main attraction is the change in your thought processes and your overall state of consciousness. Goom visuals are often minimal or sometimes missing nearly altogether, at least for long portions of the trip. Just because the walls aren't melting doesn't mean you're not tripping balls.
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    Thanks for the info Meursault, I + repped you.

    So eating them with pizza is ok? I'm planning on eating a good buffet breakfast around 8 or 9, then eating the shrooms with a slice of pizza maybe around 10. I should chew them for as long as I can, right?

    I'll take the first dose on a sea day (no land, just sailing so i'll be stuck on the ship itself) then i'll take some a few days later when i'm in port somewhere in the Caribbean and go hiking in the jungle or something. As for wandering around the ship... shrooms won't make me want to do anything stupid, right, like lean over the railing? I'm a sensible guy in real life, but you never know how psychadelics will affect you...

    Hmm... I know I have lots more questions, i'll post them as I think of them!

    EDIT: remembered another one... i've heard that you should take shrooms with orange juice. God knows why, but is there any truth to that?
  5. I've never eaten them actually with anything because I don't mind the taste too much. They really taste just like they should....mushroomy. You can probably handle it alone unless you absolutely loathe any kind of mushrooms. But yeah, some people put them on pizza or in sandwiches or make tea (which can help with nauseau also.)

    And yes the longer you chew them up the faster they'll come on and the less intestinal discomfort you'll have.

    You won't do anything too stupid on a half 1/8 most likely. Usually you become overly cautious on psychedelics, unless you've taken far too much. Nonetheless, the general rule for any drug use is if you're in doubt about the safety of something then avoid it altogether so if you really think that it's a possibility just stay in your room at least for the intense part of the trip.

    The orange juice thing is because of vitamin C. Many people claim that vitamin C enhances psychedelics and others claim that it makes the comedown better or any other range of explanations for it. Not much conclusive research has been done here but personally I've always taken it as superstition. Then again, it can't hurt of course.
  6. Well I'll give you my .02 on shrooms real quick.

    First, I would eat some food a little while before you eat the booms. If I don't eat a few hours before I get a bad stomach ache and a little sick feeling. I wouldn't recommend putting them on food though, it will just ruin your other food. I've always just threw them in the mouth, chew them up a little bit, then slam some OJ with the most vitamin C you can find as a chaser.

    I wouldn't say you are going to have a tolerance after doing it the first time. It also depends on the shrooms and how good they are. First time I tripped I ate 6.5g over like 4 hours and it was one of the best times of my life, and like 3 days later I only ate a half 8th and was tripping balls. I would probably space it out though, you don't want to be tripping a lot in too short of a period of time, you start to loose your sense of reality in my experience and will start to forget what really happened to you and what you kind of imagined while on mushrooms. haha

    No, I doubt shrooms will make you seasick, they might make you puke, a lot of people I know puke on shrooms, but you usually just puke, feel like shit for a half hour and then you will feel great.

    This is going to depend on you. Personally, I hate being around people on mushrooms. I just feel like everyone knows I'm tripping and they stare at me even though I know they really aren't. Mushrooms will intensify whatever emotions you are having. If you are scared, shrooms will make you really scared. Just remember to stay around positive things so you don't freak yourself out and induce a bad trip.

    Couldn't tell you about the dosage. It really is going to depend more on the mushroom than your body size imo. If you have bomb boomers you won't need that much, if your booms aren't that good, you will need more. Start small though, remember you can always eat more mushrooms, but if you try to eat a lot at first there is no going back if it's too intense for you.

    Also, I would suggest being careful about bringing mushrooms or bud on a cruise. Not really sure if it's the same as an airplane, but bringing any drugs on a plane is a federal offense and a felony. Again not sure if cruises are the same, but I would just be cautious!
  7. Dude tripping on a cruise ship is SOOO fun.

    Imagine being super fucked up wandering around a cruise ship. Its very fun to trip in public sometimes. Sounds amazing, make sure to do it!
  8. Here's what I did.

    Because liquids dissolve faster than shit you actually have to chew, I suggest eating it with ice cream. Also, I found it much, MUCH more tolerable to eat them while holding your nose. It will fend off the horrible taste, until you let go, at least.

    My first time doing shrooms, I held my nose, ate the whole bag's worth (Not bragging, it was only one shroom :( ) and sat and waited.

    Now, like they said, everyone is different. I can verily say that for my body, Shrooms did nothing by itself for HOURS. I felt a little high, but saw nothing. Then I went and took a hit of my water bong, and after the first puff, TRIPPED OUT. I did not see anything. I didn't see colors, or shapes or anything. Really! But what DID happen was afuckingmazing.

    Dude, I floated all the way into the house, then I stared in the mirror for FORTY. FIVE. MINUTES. Tripping out into my own eyes. Trying to see what the hell was so great in there. You get what I'm saying?

    For my boyfriend, he tripped out without smoking weed. He was loud, saw buses flying over his big ass head, you know? So don't let yourself down if they don't kick right in, y'know? Serious, cause when I ate them, I waited FOREVER. I was like THIS IS THE WORST 40 BUCKS I'VE EVER SPENT ON AN 8TH.

    Not that I even know what that means, hell haha it was my first time. I was probably jipped on the price, but I live in Illinois, so... It's different. Hahaha MAN is it hard to write helpful shit when you're high.

  9. You've done it? Can you share your experience?
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    1. The reason you should do it on an empty stomach is that it can cause some people to vomit. But I would recommend eating a light meal like an hour before because you want some food in you. Don't be super full, just not hungry. And they do taste bad but its nothing unbearable. Tastes like what you think mushrooms would taste like. Just remember to really chew them well. Make sure its really ground up before you swallow. You'll trip harder. But just wash them down with a glass of orange juice and you'll be fine.

    2. I usually take an entire 8th. I'm 185 pounds so bigger than you but you should be fine with an entire 8th. I wouldn't separate into two trips with half 8ths. I don't think it would be bad for you physically but one hard trip is better than two small ones.

    3. Not sure what dramamine is so I don't know. But you should be fine without anything else.

    4. You should be cool to wander the ship. I always prefer being outside on shrooms. There's so much to enjoy outside on shrooms and I tend to feel claustrophobic inside. So I'd go outside. I'd also recommend taking them during the day.

    5. I would go ahead and take the full 8th.

    I'd also recommend touring the ship beforehand to try to find places to visit while on your shroom trip. Look for places with cool art or just places with a great atmosphere. Also what's really fun is if you find a places with a lot of tiles, that can be very fun to look at when you're peaking.

    Oh yeah and I also recommend not being around people when you're tripping. They probably wont be able to tell but it will give you paranoia and may make your good trip go bad or at least disturb the trip for a bit.

    I keep adding tips as I think of them. I would recommend taking them on land instead of on the ship. One of the most fun things on shrooms is seeing all this scenery while tripping and all you get is the ocean on the ship. You said that you were going hiking so I'd definitely take them when you are doing that.

    And no shrooms won't make you do anything stupid like lean over a ship. You're not doing a giant dosage and no it doesn't affect your judgment to that extent.

    Best of luck on your trip. You'll have a blast!
  11. Hey man if your worried about sea sickness at all, i wouldn't take any medicine with shrooms just in case.

    Try these, they're basically wristbands with a plastic marble that squeezes your wrist which prevents you from seasickness.

    They work amazingly well, i had them on a cruise 3-4 years ago, didn't trip or blaze or anything, but they helped with general seasickness.

    Enjoy your cruise though that sounds uber-chill. :cool:

  12. haha this is the placebo effect... you tricked yourself into not getting sea sick.
  13. dude your on a cruise...your probably going to be eating a shit ton of good food the whole time so hell yeah munch before.
  14. That's a letdown, i thought that shit was legit...

    Well placebo or not, it stopped my seasickness without medicine.

  15. yeah haha i shouldn't have told you my bad, it might not work the next time. but come on, you honestly think a bracelet magically makes you not get seasick? It's good it did work, but it should work w/o the bracelet, just don't let yourself tell yourself you are gonna get seasick!
  16. I hope you feel a half 8th. I don't know that I've ever taken under a quarter. Stuff is crazy, don't end up overboard haha

  17. ill start by saying if youve never tripped off shrooms, i wouldnt recommend doing it on a cruise where youre around a lot of people and can't just chill out, and the water could start to bother you and the rocking of the boat, but then again it could be kinda cool to trip out to the boards on the deck and just sit in the sun. idk id just toke some buds on a cruise, id feel to pressured to act sober if i were on a cruise and jus think itd be a bad setting. but, if youre set on doing it, i cant stop you haha.

    eating them on an empty stomach makes it a lot more effective. also, i suggest drinking with orange juice; i forget the reason for why its beneficial, but you should take vitamin C and citrus with shrooms. if not on an empty stomach, do it a few hours after eating.

    you may want to take some dramamine with it, but who knows how that will mix, probably harmless though. maybe look up erowid for a report on that combination. and, don't think that because you dont usually get sea sick, that you won't get sea sick while youre tripping, cause your in a whole nother state of mind then.

    personally i would wander as little as possible, just to not give away that youre tripping. just do whatever you feel like, man. ive heard that swimming is amazing on shrooms, jus dont be stupid. itd prolly be nice to chill in the hot tub if they have one and nobody is in it, or at least nobody thats going to bother you. jus keep in control of your trip. my first time tripping i took 2 grams and maintaind, but there was like a 10 minute stretch where i freaked out, but turned the trip back around after a little. id prolly jus blaze as youre coming up, find a good movie to trip out to, if you lose interest get outside in the sun and swim, then go back to your room and listen to some great music, lay down and become one with the ocean.

    i wouldnt take less than 1.5g. if you did, it would honestly be a waste. id try and get enough so you can take 1.5g the first time and have like 3 grams for the second trip, so you can know what to expect and then take it to the next level. but if its your first time tripping, more than 2.5 grams may make you obviously trippin walkin around with saucers for eyes.

    i would try and get more than an 8th of shrooms, like an 8th and a teener. don't take them consecutively, because if you trip and the next day eat more, you either wont trip or it will be significantly less intense as the first trip becasue of the tolerance you build. idk how long it takes for you to be able to take them again, but id try and take 1.5 grams the second day of the cruise and on the last day take 2 grams.

    just try and have a good time, id love to be tripping while on a vacation, though id like to have the freedoms of roaming a beach and resort than being limited to being on a boat. but, i have heard of cruises having movie theatres. id definitley go see a movie if they arent showing garbage, or listen to some live music or some shit. just keep positive thoughts goin and have fun man. maybe get some xanax or kpins that you can pop if you start having a bad time.

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