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    So i just picked up some of these shrooms, not sure what strain they are, its about a little of 1/8th of small stems and caps. The caps have a goldish-brown colour to them, and the stalks have some blueing to them. Anyone know what kind they are? Sorry for the shitty picture quaility I only had my cell available at the time.

  2. Those hardly look like shrooms, but if they are its not more than 1.5g. Sorry but it looks like you got ripped off.
  3. that looks like .5 g's of shrroms .. if they are shrooms also eating tat wont even do shit dude srry to hear:(
  4. If that's all you got, lemon tek 'em.
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    no those are just a couple of them, i still got a bag with a little over an 1/8th of them. Its just a bunch of small stems and caps, i got them for free so I don't think I got ripped off. I was just wondering if anyone could identify the strain.
  6. o i thought you got ripped, i was sad for you for a second lol. those are probably some psilocybe cubensis because they are the most common kinds. the information you gave us can't determine what kind of shrooms they are though

    the cap in the top left kind of looks like a cap from cubes but i don't know from the quality of the pic.

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