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  1. Yesterday I tripped on shrooms for the first time with a couple of friends and I have to say it wasn't much like I expected. I ate an eighth with some orange juice on an empty stomach and within an hour my friends an I were laughing uncontrollably in short bursts and everything just seemed off. It's hard to explain but everything just seemed different... nothing seemed to make sense and it all seemed so very surreal. It was all just very disorienting but not necessarily in a bad way. I didn't hallucinate but colors and everything looked slightly distorted.

    It wasn't a bad trip but it wasn't really as fun as I thought it would be. I'd like to do it again sometime perhaps with a higher dosage... does it seem like I had a normal trip or does what I described sound kind of weak? One of my friends didn't have a very good trip maybe that kind of killed it for me.

    One last question, is it normal to feel a bit off the next day? I feel kinda tired and unfocused even after sleeping for a while.
  2. Trips are very unique depending on various factors but every one I have tripped with has gotten different visuals from myself. I figured if you took an eighth that would be a sufficient amount but they may not have been that strong or your mentality going into it may have been flawed. As for the day after, dragging a little bit of ass is normal it happened to me the first time I did them.
  3. You shouldn't have to worry about feeling off and tired the next day.

    It comes with most any drug, lol. Its just your body being exhausted from the previous day.

    As for the rest, I have never tried shrooms, but I still plan to in the near future.

  4. Shrooms are very powerful, i know what you mean by off the next day when i first did shrooms (first 2-3 times) i had that exact feeling the next day. However i think it is beacause of you're trip (duh lol) i mean when you know you're trip is in the ending period close it off well. Dont leave you're mind out there. When you are done tripping realise that you are done and that its over you;re mind is yours again. I find that doing this and just observing the diference from going back to reality makes a difference , now i wake up the next day and feel fresh.

    Peace and Good trippin'
  5. i wish shrooms were around here

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