Shroom + stash + RooR= Fun Night

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smoken Souljah, Mar 25, 2006.

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  1. i am in the processing of drinking 1/8th of some very very goood shrooms... i smoked osme sour deisel earlier(dealers headie stash, he tokd me up ), im about to rip my RooR with my dank weed.... and the shrooms are grinded up in a smoothie blend..... i cannot wiat......!!!
  2. damn I wish I was in your position tonight, sounds like fun.
  3. How do you drink shrooms? Does it work?
  4. o man drinking shrooms fucks you up SOOOOO much, you just grind up the shrooms and put them in a glass of water. (it tastes SICK though, make sure u have something to drink after)

  5. yeah it works, drink them with a smoothie or somethin like that, cause they taste like raunch from hell. and DAMN soulja, slow the fuck down haahaha:smoking:
  6. h my god, im in a very inner struggle for exsistence right now... this is crazy...... star wars fucking sucks..... im wathcing episode 3 right now... wow.. these are some good shrooms....

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