Shroom question

Discussion in 'General' started by DaZEED&ConFuseD, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. I j/bought a couple of ounces of shrooms and made some tea..... will it still be good in like4-5 days if i put it in the refridgerator?????????????
  2. i honestly couldnt tell you

    what i CAN tell you is this
    the one and only time i had shroom tea was after it had been refrigerated for a day or so...i didnt trip from it

    i have only tripped from freshly eaten, or dried shrooms

    in closing, i would have mulched them into some oj and chugged for my life

    i hope i have helped in SOME way..other than that,
    i have again made NO mark on this earth.
  3. i read on a different message board that someone drank some VERY old tea- like 2 weeks old, and they said it was all nasty and gunky, but they still tripped. up to you.. i wouldnt let it sit long though. the potency might decrease.


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