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Discussion in 'General' started by Perfekt, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Hey guys i had some quick questions on mushies:

    -How long do they keep? mine are in a chocolate bar and i currently have it in the freezer.
    -Any ways to preserve until i take?
    -take during day or night or both?

    just a few questions, and any other wisdom or suggestions are welcome, its my first time so i wanna make sure i do it right, thanks!!

  2. -They will last for a few years if they are inside a glass jar in a cold dark place (like a freezer) :p

    -Yeah put the choco bar in a glass jar (shit that rhymed), put them in a thick dark bag, and stick em back in the freezer. Try to avoid opening the freezer if you can.

    -It's all personal preference. I know some people that really enjoy day tripping but I prefer doing them at night. An advantage to day time is that if you smoke any bud later in the day, the effects will start back up again (not as strong as when you were tripping but still there).

    Happy tripping man :wave:
  3. do it early. there is no such thing as sleep on shrooms
  4. I'm not exactly sure the shelf life although for time choice, Why don't you eat them around 5pm? It'll give you a good bit of day/dusk/night tripping. That way you can choose for yourself around your next trip and still be done early enough to sleep that night if you want to. Goodluck and have fun.
  5. wake up early and eat them its sooo ood on a nice sunny day. i love just goin outside and walkin on the grass barefoot. def prefer day over nite. BTW you gotta get out and walk around while you can, before you get to the point when u cant stand up. my bud stood up on shrooms too quick once and fell flat on his face like a cartoon.
  6. eat them an hour or two before the sun goes down
  7. sounds good, i think we will do around 5 so we can get a feel for all settings, and I live on one of the most beautiful college campuses in american so we got some sick places to go, should be fun, thanks guys!! It wont be for this weekend but i will def post b4 we take em and a report!!


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