shroom price ?

Discussion in 'General' started by Iversable, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. so my connect comes over today and chills with me for a few.he mentioned he was gonna be getting some shrooms soon but asked me what i usually pay for em.
    ive never done shroom so i told em "idk".i live down in central fl area if anyones got any idea what they are down here let me know, so i dont get fucked over and get a good deal instead:D
  2. 25 an eigth
  3. depending on who i buy from

    it ranges from $20-35 an 1/8
  4. cool, is an 8th all you need? ive done blotters a few times so i know what trippins like.i'll eat a qtr if it comes down to it taste aint shit,any suggestions for first time? :cool:
  5. I did an more then an 1/8th of some really good shrooms and it was pretty instense. I reccomend starting with an 1/8th cuz it will definitly be a good time.
  6. nice! thanks for the info guys, cant wait till they come in. now to go toke on my oj bud:bolt: :bongin:
  7. 1/8 is a good starting amoune like UFT said

    when i can i eat chocolate bars(each have 2g of shroom in them) and i like to eat two of em, but that is the most i have eaten at one time, its a nice comfort tripping zone
  8. 20- 30 dollas
  9. if those are the prices shrooms go for on the street then people could make some money buying in bulk online and then reselling, but not allowed to talk about that here so I'm not going to.
  10. i got an 8th tonite for 40.. actually a good price for my town

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