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Discussion in 'General' started by had-no-choice, May 17, 2006.

  1. i live in northern jersey and have been looking around for shrooms for a little while now. everyone i have asked about it say they know who to get em from but then sorta shrug me off. so really, i have no real shroom contacts....i was told however that i should just go look for them myself in the cow shit that is so abundant around me. is it at all possible that i would be able to find and pick the right shrooms from cow shit around here? im just afraid that ill pick a poisonous shroom and instead of tripping id be like,,,,dead lol. help me out if you know what to look for and where to look for shrooms in jersey.
  2. where in northern jersey dude? edit: took out the questionable content.
  3. near the delaware water gap. u said ur from hackettstown right? or was..... i live like 3o mins from there. by hope sort of.
  4. actually i used to live in hackettstown, i live about 25 min east of there in morris county now. but yeah, if you want to hang out or something just drop me a pm.
  5. uh, hate to shit on your parade gentlemen but one of the mods is going to be around bitching soon lol... don't talk about hooking up anybody or anything on here... grasscity could get shut down if the oh so grand government decides its being used for drug traffic.

    and to the acual topic... i have no idea lol. google the subject and see if you can find any help.
  6. actually i'm not retarded. i would never do a deal with someone i met on the internet. i just like meeting new people. sorry for any misunderstanding.
  7. yeah just conduct your contacts privately through PM and there would be no problem

    thanks for understnading ledfut
  8. U better not get this site shut down id Fucking flip
  9. no no no. there will be none of that people. lets keep this thing up and runnig. back to the subject then lol..... has anyone evr picked shrooms for themselves?
  10. haha, ive never picked shrooms, but i have a buddy on my road that does so twice or three times a year. lol i would be intersted in doing it as well. any online sites to teach u how?
  11. This website has absolutely everything you need:

    I suggest you read the precautions and study the mushroom species well in order to minimize your possibility of picking a poisonous mushroom.

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