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Shroom hunting

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WGPsmoker420, May 15, 2006.

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  1. Hey this summer im stay at my grandparents in northern michigan they have 4 cows do you think I could find some good shrooms out in the pasture in the summer?
  2. Honestly, probably not. If you do you\'ll be damn lucky, it\'s very hard to identify most shrooms without looking at the spores and such, it\'s very inconvenient. You could always pick some amanita, but... eh. Fuck that.
  3. 1 in a million baby..

    lets jus say dont do it many mushrooms are dangerous and should not be eaten unelss grown and u kno its them dont touch em
  4. From my experience, the come in fields that have had livestock on them for a long, long time. Don\'t do it if you don\'t have someone experienced with you.
  5. I have always wondered about how to harvest shrooms, my friend has a family farm and they have angus cows, and I really would like to know what I was looking for so I could get them out of his field. JOE>
  6. i was wondering which ones to look for because my grandparents have a cow pasture right behind them and i was gonna go picking but im a little wary about just picking up mushrooms and eating them, i\'d like there to be some body experienced with me.
  7. hey i live in northern michigan too, no way!
    anyways ive went on several shrrom hunting hikes out by this old cow orchard it looks like a pretty good location with all the shit everywhere and all and ive seen muchrooms growing on and near the shit but when i ate them nothing happened :/
  8. ^ consider yourself lucky then man.... its really not a good idea @ all to go shroom picking, even if you think your \"Expierenced\" because in all honesty, your never going to know ABSOLUTLEY if its safe for u unless u have a microscope and all this other shit too... best to stay away... booms are pretty cheap, you can usually pick up 1/8ths for 20-40 bucks... varies by area n dealer... i say grab some from a trusted dealer who\'s gotten legit, non lethal booms before and stick with him... ull thank yourself in the end, or curse yourself in a hospital bed... or u could end up dead! fa real son! ya hurr.... don\'t go pickin booms in your grandparents crib... lol
  9. ahah on the orentation trip for my school in the forest there was a kid with us who knew a lot about s hrooms so points out a couple here and there that might be legit, and this one dumb kids eats them all everytime. we were all waiting anxiously to see if he was gona either trip or die . notihng happened
  10. It\'s definitely not a good idea to pick random mushrooms and eat them. Many are poisonous and can get you very sick / killed. If you ever plan on hunting again, you need to go invest in some field guide books, which help in proper identification. Also, it would be wise to print out pictures of the species you are looking for, so indentification is easier. And if possible, hunt with an experienced person. It\'s really not something to be messing around in.

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