shroom hotline? help? kind of

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  1. :hello:im shrooming right now and i feel like i need a hotline so to speak to keep me in check, like im sory but idk i just need or feel hte urge rather to talk to you guys.. my parents are in the other room and i have to be quiet but im not completely scared... im overall happy im sorry for ranting ... please talk to me
  2. i was about to beat the meat but il talk to you

    You are on mushrooms you are having fun.

    You will not overdose

    You are fine

    There is no need to worry

    Take some deep breaths and think happy thoughts.
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    cmon i wanna talk

    where are you my shrooming buddy

    dont freak out and call the hospital... nothing they can do.... and that will really ruin your trip and dont bother your parents.
  4. sorry was playing with dog... i know im fin i just feel the urge to talk im not scared i just want to talk?
  5. :hello:good vibes bro,shrooms are the shit,you should go talk to your paretns,lol na jk,listen to The Doors that will make you feel better,thats the best music for tripping
  6. hello shoomer?
  7. guys i feel fucking great so dont worry im not going to bother anyone i know im fine i just want to talk haha
  8. good, you will be fine, try italicizing your font it's fun ;)
  9. well how are you doing on this fine morning
  10. well hello to you!:wave:

    i love you guys your making me feel so happy!
  11. haha what shall we talk about?

    wat do you guys think of the stimulus plan?

    actually if im shrooming thats the last thing i wanna talk about

    how much balls are you trippin mushie?
  12. hahahhaahah good stuuf.... SHROOMS R FUN!@#!#@!@#@!@#!##@!@#@!#!
  13. haha good good good i love my dog like i realize that my love for my dog is pure unlike the contamination of the world excuse me while i go pet me dog...
  14. yup

    this man is shrooming
  15. fer shure i am :hello:
  16. shroom on :hello:

    fuck i need me some mushies beennn soooo looonnngggg

    is it weird doing it by urself?

    never done them alone
  17. sorry im kinda out of task like im at inner peace with myself
  18. im with my freind actually and were having a great conversatoin hahhaha ima love my dog
  19. make sure your dog is ok with that :p
  20. haha she loves me to and i see now how pure life is :hello:

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