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Discussion in 'General' started by A_BoondockSaint, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Nebody know wat this is or if it is active? PICT0009.JPG

  2. It doesn't look like any sort of shroom I have ever seen and even if it is it won't get you that fucked up unless it's of great quality.
  3. found a shit load of them in a field, curious about them
  4. Dont look like any shrooms Ive seen. And DO NOT eat them til you know for sure. I know a guy who ate only an 8th of bad mushies and ended up in the hospital.
  5. unless you have someone to guide you, picking random shrooms to eat is a not great idea.
  6. ya, i no of the dangers. I havnt taken ne yet, just tryin to see if nebody could identify. I found it in a field in central arkansas if that helps ne
  7. first off it looks like no active shroom ive seen

    second. the cap makes it look like its not a shroom that you would eat anyway.
    from my knowledge id toss it. the cap is what would make me want to toss it asap
  8. Look at the gills. No blackish/grey, not active. Also, if you squeeze it and it doesn't turn blue...then its not active.

    DO NOT eat them if you aren't sure. They could be incrediby deadly.
  9. btw you cant just eat random shrooms that grow in the wild. like 99% are fatal when ingested and only a super expert should pick em out of the wild

    didnt they teach you this in 5th grade?
  10. 99 percent is a far ways off of the fatality rate. but in any case you shouldnt do it unless you know what your doing because it only takes one death cap

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