shroom hangover?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mr.kush42o, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. yesterday i tryed mushrooms and had a wonderful trip but this morning i wake up felling like i was drinking all night i was just wondering if it norm.:confused:
  2. Not really, sometimes when I do psychedelics (especially acid) there's some next day effects (like reality isn't quite right, still feel kinda off, etc) but I never have an alcohol-type hangover.
  3. It leaves me feeling somewhat tired and out of it the morning after but its not too bad and dissipates through the day.
  4. The day after frying i find myself enlightened? I think that would be the right word. I tend to reflect as much as possible about my experience and think about life.
  5. i've only done mushies, and I tripped through the night. (12am- ~7am) slept 2 hours. that day i felt like i was off my track you could say. I had an amazing trip but i was just drained physically and mentally, all i wanted to do was just lie down and sleep but all day i was just questioning myself and it just wasnt a good feeling at all. i told myself that i didnt ever want to shroom again but the next day i was fine. it's okay man, your body and mind went through a lot during the trip, so your body and mind is just coming back to normal. you'll be fine after a good nights rest. :wave:
  6. Maybe that was cause of the 2 hour sleep....
  7. I've had headaches that lasted almost the entire day following a shroom trip, but most times there's nothing. Erowid says that a headache/hangover is a possible side effect, but mine was nowhere enar as bad as an actual alcohol-related hangover.
  8. afterglow... moreso ur body trying to rid ur the psylocibin poisin outta ur body all night haha

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