Shroom growing question

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  1. I'm thinking about growing some shrooms here soon, and just wondering if anyone on here who's grown before, has had any luck with the compost grow bags. From what i've heard, they don't work all the time, but they're cheaper than buying the actual kit. Lemme know what ya think, thanks
  2. Grow bags work, but they're not compost, usually grain. I got a myco farm bag, which is slightly different to most kit's I've seen. It comes with a humidity tent/fruiting chamber and should give a slightly better yield than your basic myco bag.
    Yielded about 21g dry on the first flush btw

    I think they're worth trying out for your first time, you'll definitely get something worth eating and it's hard to screw up
  3. Never used a bag for mine, always used vermiculite + brown rice flower pf tek style. Last time I harvested I was on my 2nd flush, yielded about 20 grams off 14 cakes, that was the dried weight.
  4. pf tek...
  5. Forget all that garbage and use the PF Tek method. You grow the shrooms in a big giant tupper container in your room.(After inoculating jars with spores)

    Its the best way and works perfectly every time

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