Shroom Game (2nd time around)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by DiAmOnD RaStA, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Damn... I would LOVE to eat one of those penis shaped mushrooms... MM MM good
  2. Looking good! What strain are ya growin? I like your pics from your first grow.

    Did I see that correctly? You have a mushy on Tray 1 with the "cross-pattern" too? I have gotten those a couple times.
  3. Nice dude. Cant say they look appetizing but hey... when have shrooms ever looked good lol
  4. Do you know what foods are shaped like penis's? THE BEST ONES. - Superbad

    they are treasure cost i believe.

    what do u mean cross pattern?
  5. I thought that they were aptly named "Penis Envy"

    Anyways, nice little grow setup :)
  6. Dude ihope it goes well i just started some orrissa india.:smoke:
  7. so i assume you used the pf-tek method, but what did u do after the jars colonized? did you just break up the cakes onto something to make that bed full of shrooms? what is that stuff in the container?
  8. Oh I meant like an "X" on the cap of that one mushroom, in tray 1. Instead of the normal color cap like the others, it has an "X".

    Not a bad thing, I just think it's cool
  9. of tek yes... last time it was 100% peat moss, this time its peat moss mixed wid some coconut fibers or someshit

    You talkin about the bigger one that still has the shit on the top? that should be more evolved and gone tomorrow
  10. so what are you using for lighting? is it just sitting out in a room or do u have some kind of flourescent light setup?
  11. Nah it is sittin out in a room where it gets a decent amount of sunlight.

    If someone has a link to some light setups or what kinda lighting this needs, let me know
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    you shouldnt need any fancy lighting, as far a single cfl should suffice, a room with indirect sunlight would be best as i dont know what kind of spectrum youd need.

    but ya what kind of spores are you using dude???

    I got costa rican cakes colonizing BRF right now. im a first timer, so obviously I dont know 100% of the details of things beyond colonization(IE i dont know what kind of light youd need cuz im colonizing and that doesnt require light). my cakes have been colonizing since monday the 9ths, and are 15-20% done, 15 jars but only 5 are showing growth. weird, still no contams on the other 10, im not to concerned though...

    I have a Tub in tub like the one in your first post, my only concern is that I have 2 thermometers in the top tub with the jars and they both are showing different temps, so im just tryin to keep the highest one around 78-80 degrees.

    ill keep you updated, i got 25 cc's of Costa Rican spores left in my syringes, I may try to take prints and all that but going 1 step at a time, and ill wait till fruiting to worry about taking prints.

    maybe we could exchange prints, those treasure coasts look delicious. but ya ill keep you posted dude
  13. Light isn't too big an issue with shrooms. Indirect sunlight works, I've been using the 6500K Daylight flourescent bulbs, as I read that was preferred over say the "warm" spectrum.

    For poodog313: If I read correctly you are incubating your jars at 78 - 80. That is not necessary, room temp will work just fine. In my 2 grows with BRF I've seen no difference in growth. The Shroomery usually feels the higher temps lead to more contams. Up to you though, enjoy your first grow! :)

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