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Shroom dosage?

Discussion in 'General' started by HCLPfan, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, quick question here. This weekend me and some friends are trying shrooms for the first time and were wondering what the proper dosage for a first timer should be? 1g? 2g? I've seen people here talk about eating eights n stuff but that pretty high for a first time right?
  2. around 2g should be good for a mild to moderate trip
  3. Alright sounds good, thanks
  4. like most other things potency has to do with strain.... i would eat a gram and then wait an hour and see how u feel if u dont feel shit eat another .5 to a gram... if they are luike nay of the shrooms i have ate (big black camps with gold and silver spray paint looking streaks all over them) 1 gram = fry ur balls off

    -reminder tho if u guys plan on eating shrrooms the environment is everything u dont want to be somewhere all cooped up like watching tv in a small basement preferbly u want to be outside in the middle of the woods around a camp fire with some friends make sure u have something to drink like gaterade and cigs and weed and whatever else u need b4 hand going to public places frying sucks especially ur first time... also when ur tripping remember that it will be over eventually and ur ok and not going to die or anything like that sometimes tripping makes u freak out and think crazy ass shit that u realize later were sorta almsot funny but u wish u woulda just enjoyed it instead of flipping... Be smart and be careful man....
  5. I say go all out. Eat an eighth or even more if you feel ballsy. I wish i had more than half an eighth when i look back on my first time.

    You'll only have 1 first time... after that, trips get much more dull.
  6. With shrooms theirs a big drop off point in dosage. I mean that theirs a big difference between what might be considerd a "moderate" trip and a "heavy trip". an eigth seems fine for a first time. with 1 or 2 g's oyu might not even feel shit, an eigth is pretty much a garunteed moderate trip, but i advise doing even more, cus heavy shrooms trips are about the most fun ever.
  7. I ate an 8th and had a great trip last Friday, my first time. I thought about taking a dime, but I wanted to feel this shit full effect. I'd say an 8th
  8. yea if you know what to expect, goin all out the first time trippin is the best.. the first time me and a friend did acid we ate a rediculous amount and it was a night well never forget
  9. I say eat an 1/8th your first time, the first time is always the best.

    the most i ever had was 8.7 grams though and i feel it was to much for breakfast.
  10. exatly..

    eat an eight pussy
  11. I've had some shrooms that I WOULD NOT want to eat an eighth of, simply because they're so potent that a gram will send you on a hard trip. Unless your dealer tells you otherwise (most of the time if they're really potent the dealer will let you know in advance so you dont go buggin out,) I suggest around an eighth though.
  12. na all dealers will say there bomb shroms just to sell them.. trust me buy an eight and eat it all ull be very very dissapoiinted if u dont .. unles ur a total wuss and freak out on weed .. if u cant handle weed well idk then but .. who cant handle weed...
  13. u cant think about the effects u just gotta feel them, alotta people thing sumthing bad is gonna happen to them and it does b/c they think that so be positive and u'll have a good trip
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