Shriveled Leaves?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by forsakic, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone, after repotting my plant and placing it under a 250 Watt MH, I've noticed that the leaves are looking a bit shriveled. Each leaf is bent like an upward-U.

    Is this normal? Could the plant be experiencing transplant shock and/or heat damage? Thanks.

  2. how far is your light from your plant?
  3. If the lights are too close to the plant, the tops may be curled, dry, and or look burnt. Your hand should not feel hot after a minute when you hold it at the top of the plants. Raise the lights and/ or aim a fan at the hot zone. Room temps should be kept under 85 degrees or 90 if you add additional C02
  4. My 250 Watt MH light is about 18" away from the plant. Thanks.
  5. not sure if your lighting is making look not very green or not. but I don't see much wrong with that plant at all.
  6. yeah from my experience its normal because after repotting it goes through a shock in the system which causes it to look wierd for a day or two. but your good just watch the stem about to snap or so, just get a stick to straightin out the stem cause that happening after i repotted the stem snapped

    well good luck

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