Showing Sex at 1.5 months of veg? WTF...HELP!!

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  1. Ok So Here It is. I Need Help. This is the 2nd time i have come accross this. So im Starting My Outdoor Grow-op and they are about a month old a foot tall and starting all on their 7th set of leaves. I have now got the branching started and it has been on a 24/hr Light Cycle the whole time. Water them the regular every 2-3 days or as needed. BUUUTTT... i have now had 2 plants My Blueberry Skunk and as Well one of my Belladonna's are showing sex? They are NON Ruderalis and NON auto-flowering. They have both now shown signs of Male sex and characteristics. Although my skunk is really really stinky already it however is showing male balls. I have heard that this could be the early stages of a hermaphrodite plant which in turn would potentially give me FEM. seeds. But Still Im Just Curious cause i have never heard of my friends having this or anyone else and could not find any shit on the net about it. I Would looove some feed back so i can know whats actually going on. Thanks A Bunch guys

    keep Tokin Green :)

    Brandon ( Canadian ROOR )
  2. ok is the skinny on femminzing seeds...first rule you want to use the plants least likely to hermie.. so umm, not those ..unless you want all your seeds to hermie..
    does that make sense ?

    are they flowering ..or just showing pre-sex?, and if you are sure it is flowering much direct sunlight are they getting ?
  3. Pictures, also, pre-flowers are normal. If you planted them in a less-than-desired area they may have hermied on you. If you can keep pollen away from the female ones keep growing them for isohash or something but if you can't keep pollen away from the ladies then chop them now. Confirm its males first though.
  4. no its deffinately pre-sex 100%. and your explanation was kinda hazy :p but i kinda got the jist of it. :) my strains or more likely to hermie cause they are sensitive strains. and they are inside right now under 4 cfl's all (three 40 watt and one 23 watt) and they are all on a 24 hour light cycle. so its just weird i know about pre sex but that early. just kinda fishy. but thanks for the insight man :):smoke:
  5. yeah i hear what your saying man. but nahh they are inside on a 24 hour light cycle with amazing soil/nutes and lighting so they are alll thriving. they have had nooo stress whatsoever so thats what is making it sketchy for me. i wanna find this answer out. No stress, Good Lighting, Good Soil, Great what could it be? uggh i hate these simple mysteries. faaack
  6. No idea then. I'd just let it keep going, it might be tricking you or something. Hopefully they're not banana hammocks but if it is I say keep growing and make isohash (if you're into that).
  7. lol love how you used banana hammocks as the term... thats jokes. and oh ya isohash is pretty good so why not use what i can eh!!?? and i may keep em going also to pollenate. :)
  8. plants will show sex when they reach maturity in the veg stage. males tend to show sex first.
  9. FINALLY A more reputable answer :p Thanks for the help man that really does give me a hint towards this somewhat mystery :) Kudos to you Turtle:):)

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