showing first amber trichomes how much longer?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by fuzzyOne401, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. I have 12 plants going two different strains and just today about 3 plants showed just a handful of amber trichomes on the main colas. How much longer til they are ready? A couple buds have turned completely red all the hairs on it red they really look done but still no amber trichomes on that one. Is it normal for one bud on a plant to mature a lot quicker than others?

  2. There is no harm in selective harvesting, when a cola has about 50% amber trics go ahead and cut it off. Regardless of strain, less amber means more of a up high (like sativa) and more amber means a more sedated high (indica). Of course the maturity to modifies the natural indica/sativa effects.
  3. I chopped two plants yesterday that were cloudy with a few amber Herr and there not even one% PROBABLY. I'm gonna wait for the other ten plants til I see more amber....

    Here are) pics harvesting first two

    It seems like the buds are starting to die tho and I still barely see amber.. I have a good 100x scope so I am not mistaken I can clearly see the amber ones.
  4. Nice buds!!!!!!!!
  5. Looks good! what strains did u do? How long you veg for?
  6. I agree with Demaon. I like to chop when milky with a touch of amber as I like a more energetic high. When trichs are amber, THC is degrading down to CBN (more couchlock high).

    So continue to monitor your plants closely on every budsite and you decide based on above info.

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