showerhead precooler for 150 or less

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  1. does it exist?

    Im looking to upgrade my bong, just a little 12 tube with a three arm tree perc and ice notches, i dont want to buy a whole new tube as there kinda expensive in this time of my life but i would like to get a precooler for it. I want this because it will give my bong more volume for bigger hits and a much smoother one at that.

    I have been lookng at the showerhead percs for awhile and i feel that i want one pretty bad. I can get a tube with one for around 300, i have not found any cheaper then this but if someone could point me to a precooler with a shower head perc or even a tube that is 200-250 i would be very greatful.
  2. Hit up SSFG, they made me a clear pillbottle ac with a showerhead downstem for $70
  3. Went to there website, couldnt quite find anythng like this. Should i be looking somewhere else or shooting them an email?
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    Check out GMD best tubes under 150 IMO. They also do a'cs.
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    Yeah, shoot them an email, just let them know exactly what you need, if they dont have one in stock already theyll have one made in a few days. They're also located in north Carolina, so shipping doesn't take long at all
  6. I feel like I need to go more in depth on this. If you need a link to a 45 Degree A/C (for example, you use a downstem in your bong) and you would like a cheaper one around 70$ lmk and I can give you a link. If you want a great tube around 300$ (if your willing to increase your spending limit) go with a SG Stemline, or maybe a SGW Waffle tube.

    If your looking for a sick tube under 150$ that made well rather then china glass check out GMD, they also do a/c's. Most showerheads have less than 15 slits, while a gridded a/c like a 2011bc(around 150) would be a lot smoother because it has around 45 holes on it. Therefore, a gridded perc would be a better option IMO.

    But if your really just looking for a decent 45 degree showhead a/c, that's on the cheap side, let me know.
  7. My bong has a diffused downstem at a 45 degree, Im looking to add on a showerhead ac to that with, or a gridded one like you are suggesting. Im looking for something i can put on my bong now, that i can also move to a nice tube when i get there. Can you point me to where i can look at some GMD's?
  8. I agree with the GMD recommendation. They can make A/Cs and they make mini tubes.
    If you are looking for a fullsize tube with a showerhead then it gets a bit more complicated in that range. I would look at DWB's logic line on artfire...they have a showerhead to disk for under 300 (especially if the discount code on FB is still valid)

    edit: for contact info and pics and such check out

    also they have a thread on here and I saw a new one on glassdistrict too. You would have to contact them about a custom order I believe, and Its hard to say what the wait time would be, but I would definitely contact them about it if you are interested.

  9. If you look/use search tool on the toking tool section you will see the GMD appreciation thread. If the next tube you buy happens to be a fixed stem you will need a 90 Degree angle A/C, or an adapter for the 45 to make it 90. I don't know of many a/c's that are 45 & gridded, but there's a large selection of 45 ac's ranging from 60-200$.

    If I were you'd I'd strongly consider if your going to buy another tube, and if you are, do you want it to have a DS or a Fixed stem? There are many options, it just depends of your preference, you might even want one 45 angle ac and a 90 etc.

    I am saying all this assuming your looking for the most cost effective route with the largest bang for your $$.
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    Surprised more people aren't suggesting 2011BC gridded showerhead??

    I plan on buying one for my SG king when I go back to university next month. The diffusion on them looks a-ma-zing & I'm pretty sure they pop up on waterlabs fairly frequently so they're easier to get your hands on than an SG a/c or something.

    If I remember correctly they were pretty much exactly 150.00 but I'm not 100% sure. IMO it would be worth raising your budget by like 20-30 bucks to get one of those bad boys if the price is a little higher than I remember. They would also definitely add alot of volume to your tube.

    Search up some youtube vids and check out the stackage :smoking::wave:

    EDIT: Didn't realise you had a 45 degree downstem on your current tube. You could get an adapter for it but I guess that might be raising the price too high for you/I'm personally not a big fan of adapters, you might not be either. If you plan on upgrading to a stemless tube in the future, however, then IMO you should really consider the 2011bc gridded showerhead
  11. Ide like to see the 45 ac you were talking about earlier. I have no idea when i will be able to afford a new tube so im hoping to just work in steps, starting with a nice ac, as that would enhance my smoking more now i believe then just a nicer tube in my price range.

  12. PM coming your way

  13. Thats also a good choice if you can find one and get the adapter.

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