Showerhead Ashcatcher + Slit Carbon Downstem from glassmansdoll *UPDATED* milk vid

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    this is my progress pics

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  2. Super badass that he sends so many progress pics, this guy is awesome.

    I wonder if he knows he's a fucking rockstar on GC lol.

    Anyways, glass looks sick man!
  3. Yeah I know, he prolly got flooded with orders overnite and was like wtf is going on lol!

  4. Lol, seriously. Hopefully he's banking though, he deserves it with good his shit is.

    Also GH, I'm still waiting on the bubbler man...once it gets here I'll post some pics using your adapter ;)!

  5. haha i was talking with her and she said she just has sooo many requests on etsy!
  6. Is the chick that handles the messages and stuff his wife/GF?

    Edit: Wow in that pic of the showerhead you just uploaded it looks SUPER thick, especially at the bottom. Very nice! Cant wait to see it in action :D.

  7. actually i think its her son

    once there was a slight delay in communication and i got this
    "my son and haven't been able to get on the computer as often as needed"

    so i assume ericB is her son

    haha i know! i can tell this is going to last me a while. can't wait to upload some milk vids. i am buying a sherly arm adapter too from TK :D

  8. :eek::eek::eek: wow, I would love to be glass blower and have my mom handle all that shit lol!

  9. haha that would be pretty awesome!

    and they have been doing it for like 12 years or somthing according to etsy

    it must be so hard to blow all this awesome stuff and not get to use it.

  10. Shit, if I was a blower I would blow my own crazyass custom shit. It would be out of this world! But I think it'd be a good feeling knowing that somewhere, sometime, someone is using a piece YOU made to get THAT is awesome :).

    And the new pics look great man. So did he blow you a carbon filter bowl, and a carbon filter downstem? How much did he charge for the carbon filter? I've been meaning to get one...

  11. haha oh man, i would spend hours and hours designing it.
    right now, the limit of how awesome our glass is set by our wallets.
    theirs is limited by how much they want to learn, and time.

    i wonder how much it cost for like colors and the glass it self (not the equipment)

    its like birthing a glass baby that gets people high.

    damn, thats gotta be the best feeling in the world.


    the big bulb thing is for the carbon.

    so its a downstem with a built in carbon filter.

    i havent seen one yet, i think i might have the first one.. EVAR

    this is already the first result on google
  12. But... how does the male joint fit down? The big bulb would stop the joint connecting anywhere.... right?
  13. see what happened is,

    the tube i have right now has a grommet on it

    and i wanted a downstem that i could use with my grommet tube and a gong tube i buy in the future

    so i ordered my downstem with the gong and the grommit

    but the gong (male fitting) part wasn't in stock

    so he's making me two seperate downstems, one with a grommit and one with the gong fitting, because of a deadline

    thats the grommet fitting one
  14. Thats only half made, the top female ground jiont has been attached, now th tubing will be cut below the "bulb", and the male joint welded to the bottom.
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  16. fucking righteous man.. god i wish i could smoke some dank out of that thing... thanks for uping the vid.

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