Showerhead A/C or Inline A/C?

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  1. Im thinkin about either getting a showerhead ash catcher or inline ash catch for my zob stemline.

    The inline i was looking at was the one on SSFG for 85, (standard inline), and I havent seen many showerheads so suggestions are welcome

    This is a pic of my bong btw if that helps, its abouit 18 inches tall

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  2. Have you ever seen those A/C bubbler combos? I have only seen them in inline but they might come in showerhead too, i think they are super cool (but expensive). Ill post a pic that i got off of grasscity of one of these babys:


    I have a California Glass A/C with a 8 arm diffused tree perc, its more fragile then those other two options but whats unique about it is the carb holes in the glass on glass joint that let air bypass the perc once you pull the bowl piece so it adds like no drag once clearing. Only $50 @

    Theres so many bybbler options with ash catchers those are just two that i like a lot.
  3. i like the diffusion most showerheads provide more. some inlines are great though, just depends on the little things like size of holes/slits, spacing distance, angle of cut. i'd like to see more upcut inline ACs
  4. That's my piece, love that thing!! I vote inline!!
  5. I have a Hi-Si Showerhead AC, it works perfectly, its stemless. And works perfectly on my inline.
    Not haveing any downstems is awesome, and I picked it up for only 75 dollers, best money I've ever spent.
  6. I'd grab that SSFG inline, fantastic AC and would be good on that piece
  7. flashnkill, is it like a fixed recessed stem, or stemless entirely? sounds kickass either way, i'd love to see it :D

    if you're getting an inline look into gridded inlines also. if you get a normal one, i would go with soul shine family as well.
  8. depends how much you want to spend, and how big your slide is, is it 14mm or 18mm because both have different choices. I have a 18mm and i have a shower perc from 2011 BC that i got on ALT couple months ago and i love it, it was around 200 but it was definately worth it. I also have a 8 arm toro AC, but the inline ACs are rare and pretty hard to find a good one (top of the line one). I dont trust cheaper glass, glass is already fragile as it is, putting it in the hands of a stoner is increased risk...sooo ill buy the premium insurance (label).
  9. those are 15 inch i have one myself same label. i use a 6 arm tree perc a/c. it works great just a bit to tall and close to my eyes for my liking, i still use it but i think im going to grab a mini inline from ssfg for my zob
  10. I vote for Apix Designs gridded showerhead-ball. A GC user by the name of smileyagent blows them.

    The best deal on a gridded A/C that I've seen, like $85-$100 right? If you want him to make something other than the standard one he makes it'll cost more. But from what I've seen they look awesome.

  11. Thats your piece??? Im jealous!!!! haha
  12. I ordered the SoulShineFamilyGlass inline a/c off ETSY few weeks ago and put it on my Left Coast (its a beaker), pretty amazing. Very happy with it, huge and smooth hits every time. I have a disk diffused slide so sometimes weed gets into the inline but just pour in a decent amount of water and shake it violently and its all good lol.
  13. Oh yeah iv seen the SoulShineFamilyGlass one online, two percs in the a/c and it has one of those cool mouthpiece things too right? Badass man
  14. i recently bought a hoss inline a/c and mouthpiece for $30 at my local headshop, reg $136. i can use as a bubbler or on my bong which is very similar to yours, it is very good, it doesnt add much drag and is super smooth. so i would go with the inline.
  15. i always forget about Apix Design though i have been meaning to get one myself.

    [ame=]YouTube - Gridded Showerhead Ash-Catcher - Crazy Bubble Stacking[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - Gridded Showerhead Ash-Catcher - Crazy Bubble Stacking Part 2[/ame]

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