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  1. Everyone knows how lost you can be without your lighter. I usually try to pick up the ones with prints or patterns when I'm at the gas station. Show us what lighter you are currently using. Some like their trusty zippos and others just grab any old lighter.

    I'm currently using this cool black widow lighter I found at a gas station when I was on a munchie hunt. I think it is also a white lighter underneath :p

    I'm also saving all my lighters to make a cool collage. Each one has some story or smoke session memory with it.

  2. I've got a realtree zippo, but I've been told not to smoke with it due to the amount of fumes that comes out if your using a glass piece
  3. [​IMG]

    Go for the see thru usually..

    Lost my zippo :rolleyes:
  4. [​IMG]

    2nd from bottem
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    heres my current lighter collection, just snapped a quick shot


    the shark lighter in action, oh and its bottom fin is a bottle opener. i love this thing got it at a 711 for $2 and its been lasting me. :hello:

  6. i allways use clippers theye light in one flick and you can refill them
  7. I love your shark and dragon lighters Hazard05.
  8. I have The Blue One...I Like That "Black Widow" One

  9. thanks man. that shark lighter is great it has so much personality, and its all the tools i need in one :) plus its great for windy areas when smoking a blunt or a joint, or while ur driving down the highway with the windows open. and thats actually a panther fighting a snake :p

    blaze on brothas!
  10. I make sure my shit is lit well before I hit it.

  11. I have the poster, lighter, box, and ashtray of this
  12. WoW...Dude Thats Awesome
  13. I have the green one. I always go with the green Bic lighter to match the green in my bowl :)

  14. fixed for you man

    haha jk dude :smoke:
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    My favorite lighter by far. Rockin the orange right now. Got some more too.
  16. My zippo with Ganesha on it and a bic with a print (front and back). I usually just use them to light my beeline, but whatever. There's a bag of different colored bics in my kitchen drawer and about 4 in my nightstand. I'm loaded with lighters, lol.

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  17. i forgot about those, i love those things
  18. I lurve my bics

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  19. AnyBuddy Know Where To Get These Badass Torch Lighters?
  20. I used to collect my lighters back in the day. I had a shit load but I tossed them.

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