show sex in veg?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GMan-the-weed-man, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. My plants are almost 8 weeks old and I was wondering if they would show sex in veg? I also have clones and can I put them in flower in the glass of water or so I need to plant them in soil?
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  2. Should be anyday now. If the clones are rooted id flip em and see where it shakes out.
  3. hey man there's no sex'n in grasscity bro, just talk about weed is all.
    welcome to Grasscity @GMan-the-weed-man
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  4. Are they showing sex? (Not sure if you're asking if it is possible or if you're saying that the plants you're growing are mature). The clones can stay in water, but if you're going to grow them out in soil I would get them to soil sooner than later. The reason is soil will protect those roots. (I myself would not expose the clone roots under lights in this way).
  5. I'm asking if my plants will show sex in veg. But I also have clones that are just stating to get roots. Do I need to wait for the roots to mature before I plant in soil? Or can I just flip them in the water? I want to know if I have females or not.

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