Show off your bong! Battle of the BONGS!

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  1. so this is my bong. weedstar inline perc. it has another inline perc pre-cooler add on. I broke the diffuser on it, the bong and piece survived a tilt over, but the difuser cracked to hell.

    i want to buy another diffuser but i didn't like the slit diffuser it came with, i think if i bought a little bit longer one it might work better...

    I'm using it withought diffuser now and its pretty sweet. hits alot faster than it did with diffuser.

    anyway I am saving up to buy the weedstar Epic pre-cooler. its like $100 the video looks amazing, i want to keep my other attachment on too. that way it will have 3 inline perc, 5 arm tree perc, and diffuser. ahhhh just thinkin bout it makes me want to hit this bong.

    anyway anyone think there would be an issue with drag with 3 attachments heres pics of all

    heres link to the piece i wanna buy:
    Weed Star Pre-Cooler - EPIC - Dutch -



  2. weed star is just shitty glass no offense but if you add another ash catcher perc it will probably tip over
  3. I have no real opinion on weedstar because I've never owned any myself, but if you check out the high-end/heady thread (don't post your bong there) then you'll realize that your bong is no where near the "top bong" and in any "battle of the bongs" it will end up on the bottom. Of course I'm not insulting you or anything because it's just a bong, I'm just letting you know that what you have is far from top of the line.
  4. I don't think he seriously meant a "battle of the bongs" he just wanted people to show off their bongs. :cool:
  5. nowhere did he say his was the best. im guessing he just wants to have a thread where people who DON'T have the BEST glass can show their pieces without having it deleted/ignored/put down.
  6. nice piece

    i really wanna post mine but i don't have a pic on this comp. its a graffix, probably almost 10 yrs old. its glass on glass still. i love the thing, but it has a lil hair line crack in the beaker so i know it won't last forever(but its made it 4 yrs with the crack -knocks on wood-).
  7. Id say thats a nice looking WS inline does it hit nice?
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    hahaha, dont you just love the self-righteous douche bags that dont care about other peoples feelings, and just going around bashing a brand for the sheer sake of making them selves feel better?

    Of course theres no one in this thread like that at all.

    I'd love to just insult you for being happy by detracting from the value of your bong. but I just dont have emotions like that.

    So instead I shall say this. Everyone talks about drag that weed star products have, so adding all those attachments probably does add alot of drag. I havent had a bong yet with open end perc, so I cant say other wise. I only own weed star. But what I can say is that it is highly irrelevant, as theres no really difference between a bong taking .25 seconds to clear, and .75 seconds to clear. Its more of just something people choose to add importance to, its not something that actually matters.

    Im getting that fucking epic pre-cooler man. BOUGHT THE FIRST ONE BABY!

    Should be here by next week. Gonna make a good review thread for it, but I've never really reviewed a product so Im trying to see what other people do when they review shit. But their will be good pictures and good videos comming with it.


    There's no need to name-call to make a point about what you think someone else is doing wrong. Your best bet is to report all future posts you think break GrassCity rules. ~AK~
  9. He wasn't trying to hurt your feelings, relax. How much a weedstar costs is irrelevant, they just aren't made to meet certain standards.


  10. hehe its coo.

    But that thing you have is beautiful. How did you go about finding something like that? And I like the websites you told me about alot ^__^
  11. Haha I knew I would come off as a "self-righteous douche bag." I misunderstood what the OP meant and thought he was kind of saying "try to beat this bong". Though I don't understand what anyones feelings has anything to do with it, because I'm not sure why someone's feelings would be hurt if they were told their bong wasn't top of line.

    So OP I apologize if I hurt your feelings...

    It's a nice bong and I wouldn't mind having it myself, I just thought that OP was saying his was the best.
  12. Ill post my newest, cant make a thread for some reason. Anyways, it isn't that high end, thats not why Im posting.

    It was only 27 dollars, and added black diffusion marbles. Made it real smooth, and possibly made it look a bit better. Also got a 12mm to 14mm coming so I can ditch the slide and get a decent ashcatcher or something.

    Oh and a milk for fun.


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  13. Nothing too special until I order the matching Toro label showerhead ash catcher. But it's still a stemless toro nonetheless. Disc diffuser, 13 arm tree perc.


  14. exactly. i didn't know the bong police was in here. idk how much it costs or how high end, the seals are great it hits like a beast.

    I'm sorry but Weed is the one thing brands dont need to be an issue, go buy abercrombie jeans.. people like this kill me.

    I'm not fuckin loaded, no point in having a 500 bong if the bud is only $200

    is long as its smooth thats all that matters

    i like tthe piece at the bottom witht the black water stuff i have a kaos kinda like it.
  15. which happened on the first and second posts:(

  16. why is water so black?:eek:

    yeah i fail at reading o_O nvm heeeeeehe
  17. how much are the toros..
    Im buying one ;D
  18. like 600 and up,peace LEAR
  19. Thar she blows boys.
    She's most likely fake but I got the actual bong for free minus the new diffy'd stem and rasta bowl.
    So for a $70 investment so far she's a banger.

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  20. in my signature. its homemade, glass, slider, small (lighter in picture for size comparison beside bong) and it RIIIIIPS!!!!! im making another glass bong that is smaller, better looking, better functioning tomorrow

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