Discussion in 'General' started by ArtemisRain, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. So I know this concept has been brought up before in the form of an IRC. I've seen threads like this closed and if this isn't acceptable either, Mods I understand if you close this one too. Anyways, I wanted to suggest a "shoutbox" for regular chat. These boxes are a part of the forum and normally go at the top of the main page. I wanted to suggest this because I have seen talk about it before and I myself would love to have this here on GC. For a little more information, here is a link to the mod on VB.

    What do you say Admins?

    Pretty please with some greens on top?
  2. i am with bleezie, help us out lol
  3. Shoutbox would work WAY better.

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