Shoulder pain in rotator cuff after MMA bout?

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  1. what im wanting to know is, is this a bad thing? i didnt get caught in a submission but when i went for a arm bar my opponent rolled into it and i felt my shoulder pop real hard have no clue why..It didnt hurt immediately after but it did when i woke up this morning when i rotate my shoulder you can feel it pop and its like a dense pop inside my muscle i dont if i tore it or pulled something or what....

    anyways what im asking is if anyone has ever had this problem could you let me know what im in for lol im going to the doc tomoro to get it checked out and im hoping its nothing bad....
  2. Probabaly tore or strained a muscle. Get a towel, get it wet and put it on the microwave for sessions of 30 seconds. It will help!

  3. thanks will do this got ice on it now haha.
  4. In the midterm before the doctors, practice the RICE technique

    Rest-Just chill brotha
    Ice-Ice for 20 minutes, break for an hour. Helps with secondary hypoxic injuries
    Compresion-Causes increase in osmotic pressure --> causes less swelling because the fluid gets reabsorbed as lymph
    Elevation-Aids in lymphatic flow of plasma back to the heart

    Alternating ice and heat can help but is most effective after the swelling goes down

  5. thanks ill do this to...and it doesnt hurt right now like when im typing but its when like if i place my hand on my hip or hold my arm up straight.
  6. Oh man careful!

    I have a permanent pain from wrestling.
  7. I get hurt the time when I spar:laughing:

    Ice, heat, massage, alcohol and weed become your best friend.

  8. that sucks ive never been big on wrestling i just do BJJ and some Muay Thai some...
  9. I just love martial arts bjj, judo, karate, boxing etc all fun.

  10. same i started when i was 15 its fun until you get knocked out and are like what the fuck happened? i fight at 135 i could go to 155 but im more lean at 135 im a small little man...:cool:

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