Should you be allowed to tape cops?

Discussion in 'General' started by HeavyHands, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. i think this is a huge win for the public. what say you?

    [ame=]YouTube - Motorcycle traffic violation - Cop pulls out gun (extended no sound)[/ame]

    Baltimore Crime Beat: Motorcyclist wins taping case against state police - Baltimore crime news: Police, courts and police stories in the city and central Maryland -
  2. Was there a need to pull his gun out..?
  3. You definitely should be able to, but cops freak out when civilians are able to legally defend themselves.
  4. Props to that judge for understanding that the government is supposed to work for its citizens, not the other way around.
  5. of course you should be able to, everyone should also be able to carry a gun, fuck cops (i dont care if you think most cops are good, they do what they are told regardless of whether you consider it "good" or not)
  6. Cops have no reasonable expectation of privacy. They're public works so every move they make is accountable to the public.
  7. We pay them, we should be able to document what they do. It's just another system of checks and balances, the thing our government was set up to do since day 1. Keeps them honest.

    If there not doing anything wrong, why are they so concerned about being videotaped?
  8. When did the Po-Po get the idea they couldn't be videotaped?
  9. WTF, of course not... their not different that anyone else.... they record everything and use it when they want to... why can't we?
  10. nd there should be a charge for bringing out your weeapon at a rediculous time just to intimidate someone.
  11. Bro hes a pig obviously he needed the gun because he felt threatened because his peens tiny...

    Anyone else find this video to be trippy ashell when he turned or looked around? it makes me want to get baked and go out and buy a motorcycle lolo
  12. When people started realizing many weren't honest and abusing their power, and started taping.

  13. bam! believe it or not the second a police officer slips on his uniform he loses certain rights
  14. I don't understand why the biker stopped. Is that a 600?
  15. Of course you should, how else would there be justice for the wrongdoing of authority. Though It'd be safe to say that 99% of the horrible shit cops do miraculously fly under the radar.
  16. if you look at the actuall story it said he was facing charges of up to 25 years. ill find the link on another site i posted it on
  17. wow 25 years for the illegal wire tap or where there other charges thrown in there as well. i live in maryland and i can tell you most cops out here abuse the shit out of their power. im not surprised at all that cop pulled his gun right away.
  18. You should be allowed to knock a cop the fuck out. Nothing is really stopping people from doing it except the fact that if they do, they get in a fuck load of trouble.
  19. real fuckin' brilliant. :rolleyes:

    are you the type that thinks he can knock whoever "the fuck out"?

    because i hate to tell you, you can't. that would be assault, unless you were attacked before knocking people "the fuck out".

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