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  1. I have 4 40w 6500k 4ft lights over 2 plants. I have 2 healthy alaskan thunderfuck clones about a foot and a half tall each. Im going to put them into some good potting soil. Just wondering if the lighting sounds good watt wise. I can put some pictures up later if anyone think that will help their judgement. and any advice since it my first indoor grow.
  2. Hey man, you're gonna want to get some lights with more power, to flower your plants. Check out high pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights, or 2700k CFLs.

    I prefer hydro, personally, but be careful about your soil selection, choose something that does NOT have time-release nutrients. This is important.

    Good luck!
  3. i only want to veg them for a while and i read that 6500k is like daylight and good for vegging. i planned to switch to 2700k when i changed the light cycle. does that make any sense?
  4. some help? i start tomorrow morning on this
  5. the flouros you have will be fine for vegging i had the same setup 2 double fixtures 108 watts each and they pretty much creamed over it switched to 8 24 watt 2700ks for flowering and every thing is going well so yeah they will be fine for vegging
  6. also good luck its loads of fun :)
  7. any other opinions on this setup? 160w 6500k (4 tube lights)
  8. how many watts is good to keep 2 plants going
  9. 100 wats per plant 50 watts per additional plant.
  10. i vegged my plant under 4 14w t5 6500k blulbs and the plant grew with no problem. now i add 3 100w 2700k cfls during flower and changed 2 t5 to 3000k and the plant has exploded! growing like crazy! just keep tubes and cfl close to plant. the plant will reach for the light. you can have tubes touching the plant and not hurt it. cfls i keep like 1-2inches away they get a lil hotter
  11. No offence, but if your profile picture is a plant you grew under that amount of light then that shows that you definitely don't have enough light. When plants grow tall and lanky an reach for the light then it's a sure sign of a lack of light.

  12. in that case whats ur opinion?
  13. I usually veg with about 50 watts of t5 and 200 watts of cfl and I get compact and bushy plants. That's usually for about 4 plants. It's pretty much the same as what pinkbear said but from his picture there's definitely a problem. Your plants should not look anything like that.

    Anyway that's usually plenty of light to get me through to flowering, where I switch to a 400 watt HPS. If your plants are growing bushy and not stretching for the light then you have enough light but a little more will only help :)

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