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  1. I plan on growing 2 plants under a 150W HPS:

    It's rated at 16,000Lumens which should cover 2 plants. (8,000 lumens/plant)

    I read somewhere each plant should get between 50-100W. (150/2=75). I figured 75W per plant should be perfect.

    My grow space is quite small so I plan on using standard computer fans as my ventilation. (1 intake fan and 1 exhaust fan). Will this be enough?

  2. Hey man. I'm no HPS expert, but i'm guessing that in a small little space that lamp is going to get pretty hot. Right now i am using about 170W CFL in a small veg cab and with a fan on the canopy, intake and exhaust fans(also just computer fans) it sits around 28 degrees, and thats with CFL, i've read that HPS lights get much hotter.. depending how big your cabinet is you may need some more powerful fans, or just more of them. if you have the lamp and the cab you plan on growing in handy, run a simulation of lights on, and fans, with a thermometer to see how hot it gets. 150w for two plants should yield some nice buds, although i'm sure there will be people after me saying to up it to 400w. good luck man
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    I dont think I would need 400W, that's overkill for two plants.
    By the way, this is the space:

    I plan on making a grow tent that fits neatly in there.

    These fans seems like they would do the job:

    1 intake and 1 exhaust would work perfectly.
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