Should Spike Lee be charged with attempted murder?

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  1. First, this is not a thread for discussion of the Treyvon Martin case. It is solely for the intent and purpose of discussing the erroneous mistake of Spike Lee.

    Spike Lee Retweets Wrong Address For George Zimmerman, Residents Forced To Flee Home

    As most have heard, Spike Lee tweeted what he thought was the address of Zimmerman, after the New Black Panther Party had placed a cash bounty on his head "dead or alive". The address turned out to be the wrong information, and for that he has apologized. (Such a shame too, I used to be a big fan of his movies, Crooklyn, Do The Right Thing, and Clockers, fantastic films!:hello:)

    U.S. News - Spike Lee apologizes to Florida couple for retweeting their address

    Although it must be noted that he only apologized for the wrong information, not for the stupidity of posting an address in the first place, knowing full well what that information could be used for, after the bounty had been announced.

    Now there's no doubt the bounty in itself has got to be a huge felony, why haven't the Feds taken action on this yet? One might be able to argue, but the option to bring him in alive is there, except that even then it would be kidnapping at the lightest possible charge, because there is no warrant for his arrest, therefore his capture would be kidnapping. Either way it is a major crime here...
  2. Absolutely not...hundreds of people tweeted the address before him. Just because he's famous, doesn't mean he should be held more accountable.

    Besides, you can't build an attempted murder case around a post on twitter...
  3. Well it depends, did he make any mention of race or use bigoted language in the past 90 days?
  4. I was wondering why he wasn't at the Knicks game last night
  5. The only time I have ever heard anyone saying reach out and touch someone its involed a gun. Hate breeds hate.
  6. He's Spike Lee........ so I'd say yeah.

    He shouldn't be charged with attempted murder, but I'd like it if federal agents talked to him about giving out peoples personal information especially if there is a possible vendetta against them.

    Maybe a misdemeanor charge or somethin....
  7. Posting (or re-tweeting) others' personal information is weak ass shit.
  8. Spike Lee is black, he can't be racist. ;)
  9. Well, Spike Lee has probably mentioned race and used bigoted language in the last 90 seconds
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    If they can do this...

    Stonington High School Student Arrested For Twitter Posts - Stonington-Mystic, CT Patch

    Man charged with threats to Google exec via Twitter - Technolog on

    Then they sure as heck can charge for attempted murder.

    And he's got over 250,000 followers, so I would certainly argue that he has to be a lot more aware that what he tweets can be taken than extreme by some unstable follower... but all the same, I do agree, if they charge him for it, they need to charge every person that tweeted that address on the assumption that it was Zimmermans. The intent of these tweets was obviously malicious, and deserves to be punished as such.
  11. Too bad being an idiot isn't a criminal offense.
  12. The New Black Panther Party is made up of black people and Eric Holder has made it clear that black people who commit crimes are not a priority of the justice department. Remember the Black Panther voter intimidation case?
  13. I don't. Link me up.

  14. This. He knew he had massive influence when he did it, and he did it with the intention of seeing Zimmerman dead.

  15. I second that, don't remember this one at all...
  16. I love the way that original members of the real Black Panthers distance themselves from those racist fuck-tards!

    Yeah Black Panthers and the Weathermen FTW!!!

    BTW, if you haven't heard of the weather underground before, I highly recommend this movie to everyone in here, they were FUCKING awesome!!!:D
    The Weather Underground - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  17. I'd say your not guilty of attempting to murder somebody, unless you actually attempt to murder somebody. Just sayin.

    Spike Lee is kind of a joke if you couldn't tell by the hat he was wearing in Aarons photo. I think its a bitch of a stretch to think he was trying to influence his following to murder him.
  18. He has always been a grand standing bigot...this time he went too far and should be charged with inciting riot and/or murder....:cool:

    DC's gestapo goons have been locking up people as terrorist and for treason after doing far less...:cool:
  19. What if his action of tweeting the address had led to death? Specifically, what if someone had gone to the address and sprayed the house in bullets, or set it on fire, and one or both of the elderly people inside had died as a result? Can you honestly say that if that had been the case Spike Lee would not have been responsible? Okay, maybe not murder in that case, maybe homicide? His actions led to the death of someone, I would go so far as to say directly led to their death, but I'm sure the defense would do everything they could to argue it as being indirectly.

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