Should Spiders seriously scare me this much

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  1. Hey this is my first post but I have read for a while, anywho.

    I am growing in a basement that has a ton of cobwebs, they aren't fresh but I am getting nervous. Will these spiders fuck up my plants later? I have one enclosed room I have painted, fungicide, and bleached the shit out of this space that is going to be used. Furthermore, how dangerous are a few spiders in a nearby room? I am getting a big tarp zipper to go through after the door to keep it clean.

    I KNOW there has to be more in this situation growing in a basement. Will these spiders lay eggs? What is normal procedure for treating spider mites. Ladybugs?, soap and oil/nicotine? I've also heard neem oil? Please give me some advice because I would like to become pest free.

    I have been training my cat to kill spiders because we have no mice and dammit he needs a release so it works for a few.

  2. I don't think the spiders will mess with your plants. One guy has a grow journal in which a big ole hairy spider kept showing up in his grow space. He just let it live there, and it did nothing to the plants.
  3. spiders = good unless they are poisonous. they will keep your area free from a lot of pests. esp if they are near ur garden
  4. i always think its good grow karma if a spider takes up residence on my plants...they eat alot of bad guys:smoke:
  5. Be careful that it doesn't crawl up an orifice and lay eggs inside your body. Then all the babies will erupt from your skin and eat you alive!

    Don't worry about it unless you can confirm it is a black widow, brown recluse, or hobo spider. Of those three, the black widow is very docile and unlikely to bite. The other two can be aggressive and cause serious problems if bitten.

    If you have wolf spiders, be careful. They are aggressive as hell, but won't send you to the hospital if bitten. Jumping spiders just gross me out with all those funky eyes.

    Anyhow, spiders are not bad in general. They are not related to spider mites in any way, though small spiders may prey on mites.

    You can order predatory mites that will eat spider mites if you want, but they won't eat spiders, and the spiders might eat them.

    Too much coffee.
  6. man i here you with the fear of spiders stuff.

    a big thing for me is them being above me,

    and being from Colorado i hate that we have every deadly spider that exists.

    and hundreds of other kinds of spiders.

    i hate them no idea why its just that they are always gonna be weird to me.

  7. The Sydney Funnel Web: Native to Australia, very poisonous and very aggressive. not found in Colorado.

    The South American Wandering Spider (aka Huntsman, Banana Spider): Native to, of all places, South America, can kill a full grown adult, very fast and aggressive and arguably the most dangerous spider on earth. Not found in Colorado.
  8. Spiders are cool man. All they want is a place to stay and set up camp to catch some dinner.
  9. I have an outdoor grow going on right now, and let me tell you about all the freakin' spiders I have on my plants. Garden spiders of every variety have set up shop on my taller plants. Between them and the pot stank, I don't think any mosquitoes will be bothering me any time soon. Inside I see wolf and hobo spiders some, but I don't mess with them and don't mess with me. Come time for harvest, we may have to scrap, but if you leave 'em be until then they help out a LOT with bigger pests. Ants are never a problem with spiders around.
  10. look theres alot less scary things that people r scared of and spiders r creepy just try not to look like a complete pussy infront of people if you happen to stumble into one.
  11. We found a huntsman in our chop bowl the other day, so we let him stick around while we smoked up a little.
    We also noticed he was still swallowing a fully grown cockroach, so we built him a home in a bucket and stuck him next to our plants. Three days later he still comes back to the bucket and we're seeing much less bug damage and the new seedlings have all came up - whether that's due to the spider protecting them or us improving I have no idea.

    His name is Spike here's a picture of one, sorry I can't upload one of spike but it's on an iphone and all that jazz.


    Spike is bigger though.
  12. They send a chill up my spine, especially when they get that big. Irrational fear.

    I dont ever kill them though. They mean me no harm, and kill other bugs, which Im not a fan of either.

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