Should of asked this over a year ago.

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  1. To Admin/Mods/Owner,
    Why cant i edit my posts for? its complete bullshit GC against human rights/free speech:(

    "You can edit for a week then the edit button goes away bad bad bad"

    Yes i'm logged in btw.. fix this please, hence why i can't edit my journal top post main post!! absurdity ridicules :mad:

    Been with GC for 5years:hello:

    Look here..

    Spike Weed
  2. Technically the GC servers are not US servers so all of our rights can go out the window if wanted lol. But I do have to agree with you on fixing it.
  3. Nothing to do with "free speech", since the whole concept of "free speech" is in regards to the government not being able to stop us from having it (and how well is that working out for us?) and since GC isn't run by the government, then you talking about free speech is not even on topic.

    What it has to do with is property rights and once you post something on this website, it becomes the property of this website. They are nice enough to let you edit/delete for a short period of time and then that option goes away.

    Sorry you think this is "absurdity ridicules". ;)
  4. Still crap like:rolleyes: but thanks for sharing
  5. I think it is crap too, but it is such a small thing. I can only think of a couple reasons to edit a post a year or two later ( or even a month later). and those can be taken care of by a Mod.

    NOW !!! you might have to track down one :eek: ..but they will, for the most part, help you edit a post that needs to be fixed.

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    Feel free to pm me anytime, I can edit whatever you like..

    This rule isnt going to change, Its there for all our protection.:D
  7. Now that you mention it for our protection, that makes since, I could see someone going back that has a nice big sticky and if for some reason become anti GC bam one of the biggest threads for that section is ruined. Not trying to be a jerk Yoda but i dont think the i before e except after c rule doesnt work for their since you spelled in thier lol, man im medicated.... lol:smoke:

  8. Everybody who knows him knows that yoda, despite all his wisdom, can't spell worth shit...:laughing:

    I blame all my spelling errors on him too...:p
  9. Lol i should put that into my sig, "due to Yoda's horrible spelling it has wore off on me. Im sorry in advanced" lol maybe ill throw a few spelling errors in it lol:smoke:
  10. He could always form each sentence as a question.

    like this ..............

    Prefer that, over misspellings would you ?

  11. I just realized that while Yoda spelled it wrong, we both also used the wrong form. Should be there.... Yoda we fail, must be something wrong in MI lol
  12. As the question has been answered i am closing this thread.
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