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Should my car still smell like weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by InfinitelyHigh, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I had to give the keys to my mom this morning cause her car is in the shop.. So I bought an eigth yesterday, and I didn't smoke it when I got home from where I bought it I took it inside it was in a plastic baggie.. Does my car smell like weed this morning?
  2. I dont know, does it?
  3. I haven't been back in there.. I didn't expect this..
  4. Go and check. What is sitting on the internet asking people half way around the world going to do? Go use your goddamn nose.
  5. She already left..rude?
  6. Then you gotta just play the waiting game my friend. Have dinner ready for her when she gets in!
  7. Your fucked prepare to die.
  8. This isnt something we can really answer mate...
  9. Umm if you didn't smoke it, and had a window cracked then hell no it wont smell.

    If you smoked some in there; maybe.
  10. Why are you asking us? Lol.
  11. I thought y'all would know how weed(not being smoked) how long that smell lingers for?
  12. Depends on the weed itself, the size of the car, how longs its been in there. Believe it or not, this is a question that cant be answered on the internet!:eek:
  13. wtf... Did u even smoke in it?

    Hell no ur car doesnt smell like weed...

    I clambake cars and theyre good in the morning...
  14. I really think that it probably is gone. Simply because you didn't smoke it and it had a decent amount of time to "air out."
  15. when your mom gets home and opens the door make sure she is greeted by a couple of lawyers

  16. Living in England must suck jackass
  17. Next time you take a fat shit hop on the internet and ask anyone if they can smell it. I'm 99.99% sure we haven't developed this technology yet.

  18. Does it suck jackass, or does it suck, jackass?

    Ones offensive and rude, And ones pretty damn funny.

  19. Even if for some reason your car didn't air out (not likely to happen) and your mom kinda smells it. It wouldn't be enough evidence for her to kick you out of the house for. And either way, if your parents don't want you smoking, and you still live under there house, just don't smoke.
  20. Ya this is dumb

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