Should Monday be long enough?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by When??, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Around December I began smoking once a day before I took a few weeks off which lasted until about mid-January. I began again once a day, then for the past two or three weeks twice a day. Recently I've noticed that my highs have been quite different, most likely from tolerance of course. Normaly getting stoned, my mind will be racing, my imagination jumping constantly. Well for a while it's just been dull. I normally smoke with alot of people so I don't know if it's simply not enough smoking rather than tolerance.

    Assuming that it's tolerance however, the last real time I smoked was Thursday around 12, an ok high. Yesterday in the morning I took only like two or three hits of some pretty good stuff. I didn't get high at all, but I had more of a buzz than usual for two hits. Those were the last two times I've been high.

    1. Is it my tolerance or just not smoking enough? Normally I get really high by myself but as said I haven't smoked by myself in a while.
    2. If it's my tolerance, should I count yesterday since it was only two hits?
    3. If it's my tolerance, would Monday be a good day to start up again given the length I've been smoking (since mid January) again?
  2. why dont you just take like 2 weeks off straight. without takin any hits any of the days.

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