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  1. Ok there is this girl i like... She smokes,cute,nice,funny alot of stuff i'm looking for in a girl. But she has a Bf who is a complete ass... She asks me what to do but she won't even listen to what i say. But today she was diffrent... She wanted to just fight me... I got a few bite marks on my shoulder, bruises on my arms/back... i just wanna know what to do... she likes me but won't listen to a word I say about the kid.. He's cheated on her a few times. Also has posted pics on myspace of his ex's makeing out with him saying "ooh i miss her and damn she's cute"
  2. Uhhhh sounds like you have an idiot on your hands...stay away.
  3. Lol thnx i know we just messin around when we were fightin but she went to far.
  4. Stay away shes a crazy
  5. I don't wanna burst your bubble but she sounds a little psycho.
  6. Can I ask what lead up to you guys fighting?

    She must have low self-esteem or something if she's with a guy like that, cheating on her all the time. If she's asking you for advice, but won't follow it, she's just looking for attention and sympathy. This girl probably got issues and you should stay away if you don't want to get sucked into her drama and mind games.
  7. sounds like high school drama RUN!!!!
  8. Ahh! We got ourselves an emotional whore. She's using you, that's all. Stop talking to her and move on. Be a nice guy, but not a pushover pussy guy.

    Next time she comes up to you to bitch about it, just ignore her and repeat, "You know how I feel about this."

    She'll get the idea. Then she'll find herself a new overly nice guy to regurgitate her emotional needs on.

    Woa, I didn't read that last part, no need to even be nice to that kind of girl. Avoid her. Get tested for crazy; I hear it's infectious and you got bit.
  9. I can't believe you posted this shyt on here, how many timez must I tell you, you're never gonna get her, Brianna doesn't know what the fuck she is doin' cuz half the time she'z fucked up on her medz

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