Should I write a book?

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jun 12, 2002.


Should i divert some of my Wasted time on writing a book?

  1. Yes write a book. it'd stop u wasting so much spce on this site!

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  2. Yes, i've seen alot of your posts and might actually buy the book.

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  3. No, it'd be a waste of your time.

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  4. who the f*ck r u? and what the f*ck are u going on about u dislexic fool?

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  1. I waffle on and on whenever i have the time to post, and i sometimes think (ever since a rather weird conversation with one of my uncles) maybe my time typing could be better spent writing a book.

    anyone ese think this?
  2. YES YES YES..let your creativeness loose

    I would definatley read it..maybe nmot buy it..but i would read it...Well my answer is it..when your done contact me by pm

    Good luck on it

    and peace bladez
  3. do it, who knows, it might not suck. jk, but if u do u gotta let us read it.
  4. hey man i really think you should do it, i've always wanted to write a book i just can't pull it all together in my head what i really want to write about. But i'm only 16, i got time. I'll tell you right now i'm too cheap to buy your book, theres a lot of books i want but don't want to shell out the cash. If you write anything you should just put it up online. I think all books should be avalible from the internet, paying for shit isn't cool.
  5. Man post it online and sell it. Theres plenty of people who would buy it just because their lazy. LIke the people who will pay more for 2 deseeded cantelope halves than they would for a cantelope.
    My dad tried to write a book once. He wrote like 20 pages and stopped because he coudn't collect his thoughts anymore.
  6. Follow your hart digit, if one man can write a book then i see no reason why anyone else can't.

  7. I think you should do it. Get to it! Start writing the book, and if it evolves, it evolves, if it doesn't, hey you gave it a shot! It's better than looking back on the days in your life and wondering "what if?" and wishing you HAD.
    So carpe diem and grab your pen! :)
    But only if we can read it, too!
  8. well, you've had 4 years, I've been waiting
  9. well i've been reading your threads since i was a member, and your a smart dude. I think you could definetly publish a book ,that would be better than half the crap out their now-a-days.

    go for it!
  10. Digit, let me write the introduction.

    C'mon, you know you want to.

    I can see it now.... "Written by DIGIT! ...with an introduction by Rasta_Man"
  11. well, idk. What do u wanna write about? It's much easier said than done, I think. Do u want to write for yourself? Or so u can get published? What's your goal? Just things to ask yourself I guess. But by all means writing is a great tool, the world could use more good writers that's for sure...

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