Should I worry?

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  1. Day 36 of flower this one plant is getting allot lighter coloured should I be concerned or just let it finish and watch for it next grow. Also not sure why I got red stems Thanks for any help in advance I also put a zoomed in bud pic

    IMG_1637.JPG IMG_1638.JPG

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  2. Looks like a lack-o-water situation

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  3. Looks like she could be a little thirsty.
    It's normal for the lower leaves to start yellowing off during the later part of flower though
  4. That one plant is still soaking wet for water. It's in a smaller pot a bit root bound but I figured it's to late for a transplant
  5. Story for the smaller pot it was ganna go outside but I didn't have the time
  6. If Problem is not low water the leaves are canoe'ing due to nute burn too much nitrogen I believe.

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