Should I worry about this burn?

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  1. Hey guys so I burned my arm pretty bad while taking some bread out the oven at work. The bread was on a pan that rested on my arm for a long second. It hurt for maybe a half hour but I barely feel it now except when I touch it. The picture doesn't get the purple I see in real life but oh well. Anyone know what I should do about this? How many degrees could it be?


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  2. nah man you are good, just keep ice on it, I've had worse ones haha I know the feeling, they hurt like a bitch, but yeah keep ice or something cool on it to keep the swelling or anything else..I don't know the exact benefits lol but I know it helps from experience haha

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    Looks like 2nd degree. I wouldn't worry too much. Run it under cold water, put some burn ointment on it. It looks like it's gunna blister if it hasn't already.
    When/if it does don't pop it, then healing will take longer and it might scar.
  4. yeah what she said, get some ointment, you can buy it at Walmart, Vons, cvs, places like that. It's like burn ointment or something, it's easy to find

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    Judging from the pic, looks like the top layer of skin is burned but still intact, first degree burn (like most sunburns). Very low risk, but can be somewhat painful. Keeping it wet with cool water can relieve most of the pain soon after the burn :smoke:
  6. Alright man thanks
  7. Maybe ask a doctor or a medical forum instead of a bunch of stoners. Just a suggestion.
  8. Don't put ice on a burn lol if you don't have any ointment use either tomato sauce or mustard. I worked in kitchens and burned my self a lot. Those work good with taking the sting away. Also eggs work good but keeping an egg on your arm ain't easy.

    But ointment is best.

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  9. yea ice onna burn is usually bad.. if you wanna use water make sure its room temp
  10. Oh, and burns can evolve over time. So if you start having fluid drainage from the burn, or blisters start to form, treat it like an open wound, keep it dry, clean, and covered. And if blisters form, don't pop them (even if it's tempting :p), popping them will open the skin and thus increase your risk of infection. Any signs of infection appear in a few days (swelling, redness, tenderness, warmth around the wound), and you might want to get it checked out.
    None of this appears though, and you got nothing to worry about :smoke:
  11. Wear it proud brother, a good kitchen burn at work is pretty much a rite of passage.

    Every dude should have some shitty kitchen job at some point in their life
  12. Been there, done that. So many grease burns :laughing:
  13. Dude you'll be fine, I've had worse in welding and they all went away without special treatment.  If you get burned bad enough that the skin falls off or starts to bleed then you have a problem.
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    I think you're good unless it starts blistering. I had second degree burns from coffee grinds at work. I thought I was fine until it started blistering, it looked like bubbles of skin and felt like hell. Sent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  15. Looks to me like you're gonna have to amputate.
  16. Yep definitely gonna have to amputate it. Say your farewells OP. I didn't know him well , but I'm sure he was a good arm.

  17. Ugh yeah, deep fryer oil all over my arms and legs

    Burned so much it felt cold at first

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  18. dont even get me started on fucking kitchen burns...anyway back to said already, grab some ointment (hydrocortisone works wonders for me) and it should be good. keep it clean.

    if it blisters, i suggest you try and remove the liquid inside but do not do not remove the protective skin. you can poke the side of the blister with a clean needle, drain liquid slowly, then ointment and cover, but DO NOT remove skin. it does not hurt to drain it and will speed up healing and also reduce scarring. if you accidentaly were to bump into something with that blister full, it might rupture that blister in a way that will rip that little skin dome and cause terrible pain.
  19. I drain my blisters that bubble up. Only had a few but I think popping em with a clean needle helps. Doesn't hurt also.

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    I've had way way worse and was fine. Just had one last week from cutting a pizza and it falling n burned down to the yellow layer :(

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