Should I water?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by wEEDhEAD1, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Today is watering day. Like a fool I forgot to let ithe water sit out over night.

    Should I water straight from the tap. Or is it better if I just water tommorow? They could do with a feed!
  2. If you are worried about Chlorine, go to an aquarium store and ask them for an anti chlorine product..otherwise, unless the water is very cold..water her..
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  3. Im very new so the only thing that goes through my head with water is let the chlorine evaporate. :s
    Just when I read up about watering it seemed the advice was to leave out for 24hrs. But I read comment on forums where people say they just water from tap.
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  4. This is my first grow to man! I'm not gonna sit here and tell you watering from tap is okay cause who knows I may run into issues later down the road but as of right now my girls doing great! Also just a tip (you may already know) but make sure when your watering that you only water when you can put your finger in the soil 2 knuckles deep and feel no moister! Over water is a pretty common mistake! Good luck to you my friend hope all goes well![​IMG]

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  5. Go ahead and water with tap water. One time isn't going to hurt. Using water that has the chlorine taken out is so you don't kill the microbial life in the soil. Better to have some dead microbes than a dead plant.
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  6. Are you sure your water is purified with chlorine? A lot of municipalities have gone to chloramine - my city changed 10 years ago.
  7. Make sure your water is ph 6.0 to 6.5

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  8. Thanks guys for all your help. There was no pet store by me so I did more searches and a few more comments here I decided to water. I was abit silly because I've been watering every week for a the past 3 I guess, forgetting they grow and drink more, expecially with the mini rate aces we had. They were so thirsty, first time I've seen it but now I know what hunger looks like. So anyway I really wanted to give them there feed.
    So many details, I can't wait for like another ten years when i might actually have a grasp on this growing malarkey lol..

    Man the first I've even hered of chloramine :/ . But yes I've just searched and it is choline they use!

    In soil? Is it not 6-7 with it ideally covering a range of 6.3-6.7?.. got me thinking I know what I'm doing

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